If you look at me in a different angle.

if you really take your time and think your life through, it's not that bad as you thought it was. newcleaned room, newly showered, new season in Scrubs (new for me). it's almost as you're a new person. this can be a start of a new life.

and I've been thinking. me and me friends doesn't have that much in common. more than each other and laughter. but then, wth, you don't need anything else. if you just have each other and some good humor, you can do whatever you like. I can do whatever I like. that's why we fit so good. we always know how to make the other one laugh.

and yeah, can you please give me 1200 kr? that would be all neato. and ps. I have to stop watching Scrubs. it's feacking going to my head, bambi.


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