Back in action?

Shame om me. I know, big time.

Well I think I am back in action now, I really don't have time to write blogs now. Well time and time, I don't really have any need of writing blogs anymore. I've just lost my will to write, which is really bad in many ways but also good in some ways. In good ways it means that I don't have anything depressive shit on my mind that I have to get rid of, bad things is that I learnt really much from writing bloggs and I practise english as well.
I know that it was ages since I wrote my last blog but still I have nothing at all to write about, lol!

Well okey, the summerbreak is almost here and that means that the school is hell.
I have sooo much to do so right now it feels like the best solution is to just kill myself, then I don't have to deal with all this crap. I don't like getting F:s, it sucks big time I can ensure you.
I have so much to do that I don't even dare to do a what-to-do-before-I-finnish-school-list.
I just don't feel like getting up in the mornings anymore... OMG! Doesn't matter if I'm NOT depressed or if my life is perfect, whenever I "get to it" and write a blog I somehow get to something depressive or bad!
It's this fucking blog that DRAGS the shit out of me, that's it. It's not my life that sucks, it's the blog that makes my life suck.
I see why my life got so much better when I stoped this shit.
Well now I'll not stop just because now I'll just try to ovewin this shit, I can too have a good life and write blogg.
Maybe if I write it in swedish, that might help... how boring, english ftw.

Well the most painful thing right now is that the school and everything comes in the way of me meeting my boyfriend :(
It doesn't feel so good, I met him today for about 20-30mins. For the first time since Monday.
And that clearly breaks my heart since we didn't part that well last time, it was a cold goodbye.

Okey did it again, that I'm so good at. I start writing a blog and then something comes in the way and I forget it and so I have an unfinished blog that I don't know if I should delete or print out, so I continue on it, saying I'm sorry and explaining why I havn't finished it ^^ so typical me, so typical.

Anyways, had the fucking math test today, had my swedish speech and managed through an englishlesson. So right now it feels pretty good, all the heavy shit that I've been depressed about is now over, now I just have to do every other heavy shit that I've left to do before I finish school, *sigh*

Okey I think, for my better good, I should make a list of what I am suppose to have done before I finish school for the summer. But I'll be so fucking depressed so I don't know, but I should, I really should.
Okey, I'll do it. Just so you all will stop nagging me *smile*

  • Argumentative essay
  • Summery of Once we were warriors
  • Abstract
  • Englishtest Tuesday w.22
  • Nationelltest math D (done today)
  • 2 math sums
  • Rewrite a test (no idea if I have to do that anymore)
  • Ecology test
  • Labreport - Energy transforming
  • Lasting developent report
  • Labreport - magnesium
  • Summery of Cemestry A
  • A "summary assignment" of my knowledge
Social sciences
  • Home assignment in socialpolitics
  • Present two countries, one poor and one rich, and explain why that is
  • A "homemade" wordexercise
  • A letter which will reflect our knowledge
  • Rests from Swedish A
And I've prolly forgotten something, or pushed it aside in my brain.
I don't really wanna remember anything of that, but I have to. If not, I can't expect to get anything better then an F.
Lets see, it's what... 2 weeks left of school?

Today I'm just going to do french and maybe socials and then I'm of into the shower so I don't have to shower before school tomorrow.
And after that I have to get in touch with my Guy and hear how I'm going to get my ass over to his place ^^
And I think he had planned for us to watch a movie or something, :) and then I'm going to sleep at his place, niceprice.
Slumberparty, ^^

Anyways I have to end this now and do something important with my life, ^^
I'll try to get better at this bloggy thing, but no promises! haha

Solitude* Vacancy <3
for everything you are
and everything I'm not
you're my sunshine
a, östlund

Postat av: Sofia

Haha! När jag läser detta blogginlägg inser jag hur mkt läxor vi hade innan sommarn. Heeelt otroligt. Även om jag inte hade alla läxor som du skrivit upp. Hmmmz. :) Hoppas du har en trevlig sommar iaf. Jag har trist idag. Jobbade min sista dag igår. Så nu är det över.. :P På måndag åker jag till Jönköping för att vara på ett läger för missionärsbarn. Det ska bli skojjs! Ska få träffa en kompis som jag inte träffat sen vi gick femman tillsammans. Sjukt kul! Men men. Ska sluta tråka ut dig nu.. :P Hittar du på nåt att göra kan jag hänka... :P hah krams

2008-07-15 @ 10:44:30

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