Sickness sucks.

I so hate bein sick.. it SUCKS big time... n this with workin out, it's not goin that welleither.. cuz first time I was gon workout, my bro had a autummarket, so I didnt have time.. thn 2daz I was s'pose to work out.. but I got sick for like 3 hours ago ! That's SO my luck.. god doesnt want mt to work out, he want me to be fat all my life n be hated n unwanted... stupid life...

We have a species test 2moz on flowers... I dont know like any species at all, seriously.. i'll so flonk on that test.. well well, I dont rly care.. it's jus ONE test n it's not like I've plant to be sumthin that requires that sort of skills... n so we've fysics this week too... ome, seriously I cant handle this. n so I've to do french homework, read a swedish book, write bout sumthin from the antiquity, write a filmreview on the movie Perfume, catsh up in math... Im sure there's sumthin else that I've missed that I actually should do... But I dont manage to do that now... Im so sick of homework.... Im not a homework kinda person... I cant do homework... well.. it's life....

I've been tryin to write a storie, in english.. but it's not goin that well... I've writte quite alot but I've got stuck.. I dont know what to write now.. I think I need to get in this RLY bad I-wanna-cut-myself kinda mood .. since the storie's bout that, so it jus gets better if I rly feel what I write, it f you know wha tI mean... aye, whatever.. we'll jus have to wait n see whn it'll get finished....

I so hate bein sick.. well, now Im off to Ante's to studdy... talk to y'all later, *LOVES* <33

Solitde * Vacancy <3


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