Life sucks.

Life sucks, that's a fact. I can't go on living my life like this, it breaks down my heart. Whenever I get happy there's always something to make me sad. Or is it all my fault ? Bet it is.. it's probably just my fault because I just make everything hundred times worst then it is. No, it'y my fault because I fell in love with a guy to far away and I pushed him to much and I made him feel uncomfortable so he backed off and left me be.. I guess Im a pusher... WTF, how can I be that? I can't be a pusher since it has taken me almost 3 years to let him kno wI feel this way.. and I never push people, Im the person who makes them take all the time they want and let them come to me first... I can't possible be a pusher...

I so want you back, or the times we had. I've never had you.. well, there was a time when it really felt like I had you.. but I don't think I'll ever have you... I'm so not your type.. seriously.. you can tell me HOW many times you want that you don't care about how I look or how fucked up I am, that you love me for who am I.. It's so hard to believe that you can like me when the girl you where together with before was a total scank.. blonde hair, thin body, many friends and populaire... *shocker* that's so the opposite to ME! It's hard to imagine that you can go from her to me... And you don't know me and you havn't seen me so you can't say that you know how I am and how I look... Pictures and cam lies.. it's not precisly how I look in real life..

I want to know why you are not talking to me, what have I done?
Why have you started to fall asleep wen you are texting, you never did before, you always said I love you before you fell asleep..
Why didn't you talk to me on msn yesterday either? WHAT HAVE I DONE?! You started to ignore me and it's your feelings that have faded away, not mine.. Mine have just become stronger.. And now I can't let you go...
It's sad how everything ends... it's sad how everything goes.. I wish I could have a happy ending..

An ending with you.... </3

Solitude * Vacanacy <3


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