I hate this.

Me likes the autumn <3

Everything sucks.. why did you even had to come here ?! .. GOD ! Now I cant let you go... You're the charmiest ever.. I so hate this. Why did you have to live in another country ! I wish it was YOU we were gon visit whn my class' goin to Norway.. </3 It's breakin my heart.. I know we doesnt even know eachother, but still.. your charm did it all.. Everytime you smiled at me it jus felt like I melted :$ you serisouly had this GLOW that jus made it SO hard not to like.. look at you. My eyes kinda.. got drawn to you.. <3
Seriously, whn you smiled everything lightnened up ! Everything jus felt SO much better n you kinda got all super happy ;D I SOO loved that feelin.. It felt good to have sum1 to look for.. Cuz I always looked for you :$ I couldnt help it, couldnt help it that I had to see you all the time :$ you jus made me so much happier.. Jus like Kim did.. It was like the exakt feelin.. it felt soo good.. n so YOU HAVE TO LEAVE?!
I hope we'll meet whn we go to Norway, I SO DO ! But it's like AGES left until that... You've prolly forgotten bout me by thn... Im sure.. You've prolly alrdy forgotten bout me.. Or you mebe never've remebered me at all. . . . . </3

I miss you alrdy <3

I'VE GOT MY COMPUTER NOW !!!! :D:D:D:D:D <3 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
I SO LOVE IT :D Tho I havnt got it running yet since I need an operativesystem... ;( Bah that sucks.. well aye, I've got it now anyways :) Hopefully Kärre's got one for me as fast as possible.. :) Until thn, I can jus enjoy the view ;D

Around 40 days left... <3 God Im longing... there's no word in the world that can explain.... <3

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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