This rly sucks.. or okey, should I take it in the possitiv way first mebe ;D so I wont booore you all at first ^^ Okey, I had a BLAST yesterday actually..! at first I was with Ante... n we watshed Stormbreaker, whish had a DROP DEAD gorgeous guy in it ^^ n then we saw .. erhm, aye ! Ultraviolet ;D it was cool, I so love Milla jovo.. sumthin ;D whatever ^^ erhm.. n thn I went home n ate n I went to Ante again ! This time only to have sum1 to walk to "Kåtan" with ;P n so we went out in the forrest.. it was rly fun ;D since it was SO dark ! Couldnt see like anything.. so it was fun :) We made it to Kåtan n so there was .. sum ppl ;P loads of -92.s ^^ among those, my brother.. n they were drinkin.. or it was their attention, but since my brother were like the only 1 who had booze.. it wasnt that interesting.. it was pretty boring.. but we sat there until Kim n Johan were gon walk n talk serious.. so me n Ante left... we went up in the forrest, to a place where you can see the entire city :) it was RLY cool ! to bad I had a bad camera so I couldnt rly photo it... I can put a pic up but it's not that giving ;D
Well aye, after a while my bro called n wanted to come, cuz every1 had left... so we went along n met him.. thn we went up again n we started to walk along in the forrest ^^ whn we finally found the road, we met Johan n Kim :D so they got their bikes, whish was punctured ! sum feckin arses had punctured them.. n so we got rly angry but we went along.. me n Ante ran round, goofing ;D haha it was fun ^^ n so we tried to climb trees n he jumped at sum1's like.. wth.. dont know the word ;D anyways.. thn Ante ran in a bush n we followed him n every1 goofed round in a bush XD hahahah n Johan dragged me on sum boatthingy.. haha n we forced every1 into a telephoneboot ;D .... I so loved that... you'd been soo lovely all night... but now, oh god.. I could've stayed in that boot all night.. I love whn you're teasin me ^^ I love your precence ... I love your fucking everything ! DAMNIT ! This is so fucking not gd for me.. it feels harsh but, love.. I think I've to stop spending any time at all with you.. I cant let you go if I'll be with you like this... I'll never stop loving you... and I dunno but it feels like I have to, I have to stop care bout you... *sigh* but I dont wanna.. I wanna have you, still.. why am I doin this ?! Why cant I jus DROP it ! Fucking shit ! GOD ! Plz jus take it away from me.. why cant I forget bout you n jus be your friend ?... I so hate this... ;(

Well okey, Im off this now.. had a blast anyways, it's jus these after thoughts that sucks ;D haha I wish I could totally skip them, it would be rly great ;P
Have no idea what to do 2daz, HOPEFULLY I'll get my fuckin operativesystem soon.. ! stupid shit havnt been in town yet so, havnt got it yet... ;P I'll fucking kick his stupid arse if he doesnt give it to me soon... ;P
Well overNout <3 love you all <33

FUCK LOVE THAT AARON'S BACK [L] LOVE YOU BABE, FOREVER N EVER N EVER MORE <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 I forgive you for everything since I cant live without you hunhun [L][L][L]

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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