Bad changes.

Booze sucks... seriously, it can fuckin totally change one person... yesterday I went to Kim's with my bro.. thn we went to Kåtan, again.. god, there was pretty much more ppl there yesterday thn the day b4... it was pretty fun actually.. goofed round with Gustav ^^ n aye, with kinda many ppl.. took care of "drunk" ppl, god there's many ppl who fakes that they're drunk... how fun is that ?.. seriously... how can you love a person more bcs he pours booze in himself n acts stupid ?! How can that be GOOD ?!.. I cant see how ppl think...
Like you for exemple... seriously.. I was rly badly in love with you b4... it was sum time ago now but I still think you look gd... but from yesterday n farwards I dunno what to think... you totally ruined my picture of you... whn I saw you first you were quite n you jus sat still while every1 else danced n moved round... you jus sat in the couch n looked hot... now it's all gone.. whn I saw you yesterday it jus ... I dunno.. you were drunk n you had snuff n you were violent n it... I dunno.. YOU FUCKiN RUINED IT ! I liked lookin at you.. you look darn gd.. but it's all gone now.. I know that you dont rly look like that.. you're a total cunt...

Well.. there's nothing I can do... I can never do anything.. I cant control any1 n I cant make you love me... I cant control my tears from fallin down n I cant control ppl's feelings... Im useless n I desurve to die...
I like you to much... I dont wanna do this, I dont wanna think.. I dont... I... no...

Solitude * Vacanacy <3


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