6 weeks left!

I'm gon die... it's SIX fucking weeks left.. that's like ages.. Well it has gon 4 weeks since last time I thought it was ages left ;P So it's ages - 4 weeks ;D
Im SO dyyyin for week 44, there's no1 in the world that can understand how much Im longing !! :) Im totally FUCKED up bout it.. I cant stop thinkin bout it <3
But thn again, 6 weeks' mebe not that much.. it can go rly fast.. I jus dont need to think bout it 24/7, like I do, thn it might would be better ;P But like it's said, The one who waits for sumthin gd, never waits too long ;) .. But it sure sounds better in swedish ;D haha

I partyed yesterday !! It was sooo fun ! ;D I seriously had a blast. ! I first went to Manda's n there me, Ante, Manda n Mange made food.. or Mange jus laid on the bed, doin nothin ;P Anyways.. we started drinkin n waited for Susanne n so we went to Catte n thn we went to Danne n we were out in the town n yeah.. it was very fun :)
Tho I forgot my jacket at Catte's so I had to walk her home at like 2 ;D But it was rly fun.. Ante came as well :) I want a cheeseburger without cheese ;D Had a blast <3 It was rly nice.. Wanna do it all over again ! :) Fell asleep at like 3 or sumthin I think... Nice night <3

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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