Too in love to funktion.

Okey.. guess this is it.... another day. I hate Tusedays... well aye, I hate almost every day except from Saturdays, Fridays n Wednesdays...
Im tired.. Im warm.. Im in a bad mood n I cant take this....

What's this? What's fucking upto this?
I have no idea what you think right now or if you're mad at me or wtf.. I have no idea if you're ever gonna write to me or if you're just not ever gonna talk to me again... But hunny, serously, I just can't take it when you say like that! FFS, will you ever believe that I love you? I don't know what to do, since no matter what, you always doubt it. It might was a big mistake to let you read my blog, since you can't let go of what I've written. Babe... it's like this, you have to read it ALL, well you might read it all but you only remember the bad things I've written. You never remember the things I write at the bottom of ever one of those bad blogs... I always finish with that I can't live without you! I can't hunny, and no matter how many times I'll write that I maybe wish I never met you, I don't mean it. Of course I don't mean it. I have my bad days hunny, everyone has. I only wish I never'd met you when we argue or something. I sometimes catshes myself with writing it and I just stop and wonder, wtf I'm doing, I don't want you out of my life, I love you.
So, Joakim Martin Carlsson Lauridsen, I never ever want you out of my life. Because the day you leave my life, and never returns, that day I'll never live again. I can't live my life without knowing that I can call you and hear your voice for no peculair reason. I can't live without knowing that no matter what, I'll always have you to go to. I can't live without knowing that no matter how sad I get, I'll always have you to cheer me up, because babe, you always cheer me up <3
Now I don't know what else to write since I don't really know what else I feel. I just gonna pray to God and hope that I'll see you w.44. And pray that I'll hear from you before that. I'm sorry for everything I've ever done you bad, but one thing that you should always have in mind is; No matter what I say or what I do... Don't ever question my love for you, because it'll never change. I always want you here < '3

I'm just too in love to funktion.

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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