Well i guess this is goodnight thn.. I have nothing to do up anymore.. everything bores me to DEATH, so it's better if I jus go to bed!
I hope I find sum place to sleep 2moz cuz I RLY dont wanna sleep at home.. I jus cant take my younger brother atm.. GOD! Well I'll sleep sumwhere, it's not that importent as long as I get my sleep..
And aye, hopefully I'll get money to my phone 2moz.. Im totally out.. Im totally 08 XD hahaha.. Well I have .08 kr left.. it's jus fun to say that I've gon 08 on my phone XD ......... o.O okey sry, *bad humor*
Well it's late so.. it's not rly my fault.. well it is, since I chose to stay up.. well it's not my fault that Im born to get all stupid whn it's late.. omg Im talking shit again... ;X

I want you to come. I want us to meet.
There's nothing else I'm wishing for, thn to feel your warming heat .
If there was anything I could do. If there was anything I could say.
I would scream it out aloud, and fold my hand's and pray.
I wish for you to hug me tight. Say you'll love me through the night.
Kiss me on the lips and say. "Trust my love forever, okey?"

Föralltid < '3

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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