Okey.. I have "Mrrraow" on my brain.. i walk round sayin it all the time.. it kinda bothers me but, hey.. Im fucked up XD
Had a blast 2night actually... ;D Had groupfight in the basement , in the dark, in a bed XD

¤ Kim ¤ Björn ¤ Gurra ¤ Robban ¤ Emil ¤ Joel ¤ CF ¤ Henke ¤ ( Brother ) ¤


it was rllllly fun.. well mebe not whn Kim, Joel n CF tickled me to death XD hahaha they held me n Kim the fucker found out where Im the mot tickley ;D Almost couldnt breath XD but okey.. it was fun :$ .... until mum opened the door n ruined everything. . . -.-' Well hey.. it was fun later on as well :)
They teached me how to play WOW, STUPID! Got all stuck, n now I wanna play moooore *puppy eyes* Fucking guys... they suck. I didnt wanna get addicted of WOW as well! *sigh* aye, well now I am.. but hopefully I'll get over it... ;D


I SO cant take you! I dunno.. you're such a WHORE! I cant see how every1 can like you.. it's like.. AH! I jus wanna PUKE at you... you're jus one of those ppl that you HATE for no special reason. I JUS HATE YOU.
The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you act, the way you look, the way you do you hair, the way you do your makeup, the way you live n the way YOU'RE A FUCKIN CUNT!
Well okey.. we're kinda like you n me except that I DONT CUDDLE N FUCKIN SLEEP WITH THE GUYS IM WITH. I can actually spend TIME with guys without bein a bitch n giggle n smile like you were 13...
I so hate girls.. they're so false n if they're not false, they're jus TOO MUCH! Jus like you... I dont like the way you're on every guy n it doesnt seems to Bother you at all!
I hate the fact that you're in this house right now.. the fact that you're gon sleep here 2night.. prolly in the same bed as 4 guys...
Y O U A R E A S L U T !! A n d I h a t e y o u !


Why does it feels like you're mad at me?
Do you have a reason to be mad at me?
... in that case, what have I done?
Anyways, I didnt mean it... < '3

I LOVE YOU, yes, for real. And I'm totally sure <3<3<3<3

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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