Hear my whispers in the dark.

Okey.. my life isnt that gd atm actually... it's pretty much now.. okey, I'll count;
  • Biology - test tomorrow
  • English - speach tomorrow.
  • Swedish - review, paper about Afrodite, paper about runewriting.
  • Physics - new chapter.
  • Math - new chapter.
  • French - read and translate a text for tomorrow.
Can you see my issue? if you dont I jus wanna kill you...... very bad...
Well Im off to Manda's soon to study.. hopefully I'll catch up a bit in everything.. but prolly not.. since it's Manda Im goin to.. no offence ;D well I think it's me.. bcs no1 feel like study whn Im there ;S every1 jus loses their studyability... im a virus ;D WOHAHAHA... not fun..
well aye, it's my curse.. that Im not s'pose to be able to study.. "yay".. fuckin shit life.. I jus wanna kill it.. pmsl, listen o me.. I wanna kill my own life.. how the fuck to you kill your life........ eeerrrhmm.. o.O....................................................
oh.. sry, where were I.. hmm.. okey, nvm.. it wasnt that importent... ;D


Despite the lies that you're making
Your love is mine for the taking
My love is, just waiting
to turn your tears to roses

I will be the one that's gonna hold you
I will be the one that you run to
My love is, a burning
consuming fire

You'll never be alone
When darkness comes
I'll light the night with stars
Hear my whispers in the dark

You'll never be alone
When darkness comes you know
I'm never far
Hear my whispers in the dark


I have NOOOO idea at all where i have you.. where you stand and what you feel or what you're upto.. you dont .. I dunno.. you feel so different now.. like you dont like me at all anymore.. or, it feels like before whn we talk.. or whn we cam.. but otherwise, it's like I dont exist in you life.. you dont manage to txt me anymore.. you dont write to me as you use to.. and you dont say I love you anymore.. have you stoped loving me? or have you never loved me ? How can I know.. I cant know.. since i cant read your mind.. oh god, I so wish I could read ppl's minds... I sure as hell wish I could read your... well... you're comin here in 4 weeks... so I guess I'll see what happens thn.. if you're as you've said n acted.. or if you're jus another guy... I so hope that you're different, since I love you n I wanna be with you... I so wish that I could move down to you... it's what I wish for the most.......
I wish you could show me how you feel.. well that's kinda hard, so I wish you could TELL me how you feel.. where we stand and what you think bout everything.. I dont wanna go round, wonderin all the time... talk to me.... </3

Solitude* Vacancy <3


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