Well I guess this is Happy Birthday thn.. he's goind 15 n he got a fucking moped ! . . spoiled kid..
He's have LAN here 2daz.. so I RLY dont feel like bein at home.. longing for mum to end work so that we can buy me money to my phone since it feels like Im totally outsider whn I haev no money on my phone.. oh gee, im so patetic..
Anyways.. I'll prolly not do anything 2daz, as usual, n so I'll have to stay hom eall night n I'll get totally B-O-R-E-D.
An old classmate's here in town this weekend.. I so not like her since she's jus.. well, SHE A GIRL. What more can I say.. I dont like girls.. so I cant call Ante 2daz either cuz they'll prolly be with eachother all weekend.. I think that Manda've gon home this weekend.. seriously, I have no friends! -.-'

well okey.. now I've been baking... it is pretty fun :) tho I feel even more fat thn I felt b4.. birthdays suck since you jus eat yourself more fat.. -.-'

Jus see how fat I am.. this is he proof... n aye, thn the moped is my brothers n I made a new bracelet yesterday.. Im so EMO ;D tho I remade it like several of times since I spelled EMO, EO first.. n second time I wrote the M upsidedown... -.-' Jus wasnt my day yesterday..

Well anyways, I've got money on my phone now n it's all gd... Jus gon try n find sumthin to do 2daz... wonder what that'll be...

It beats for you, for your life only.
Who came to me, when I were lonely.
With a beat so powerful, so be aware.
A powerful beat, of loving and care.
Since nothing at all can stop it's beat,
just face the fact and take a seat.
Face it that it let you in.
Face it that you'll never win.
It'll beat for you forever and ever.
Even if we're not together.

< '3

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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