Well thn.. mum've booked an appointment for my knee now.. but it's not before 2 weeks... *sigh* I've to go n have pain in it for 2 weeks more.. well I guess I have to suit myself since I didnt book an appointment earlier...
Tho I've a hard time sittin as I like... well it's jus sumthin I have to live with atm... *sigh*

I got the wierdest comment 2daz... whn I sat on the physics Manda made a joke, baad one, n so I didnt laugh n she jus, "Marre it feels like you've lost your will to live". . . . . . o.O W T F ?! Im sry I doesnt always laugh at everything n that Im very tired n that I wanna focus on the lesson.. o.O....... erh...... I've got nothing further to say bout that....

I've got a very cool song to play on now on my guitarlessons.. :) it's old but it's cool.. it sounds cool, n it feels proffesional that I can play it ;) haha

I never know what you do... I dont know what goes on in your life from that point that you leave the computer 'til that point you call me or loggs in again... I wish I shared that with you...
I want you to come here, with all of my heart n all of my soul.. If there was anything at all that I could do to make your mum let you come here alone, I would fuckin do it.. I dont wish for anything else that you will come here week 44.. But I guess that God hates me way to much to let that happen... I jus have to wait n see..
I love you <3

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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