Why do I miss you so much now for?
What's so different from like, yesterday? Except that I've been away from you one more day.
Why is it with now that makes me desire you like this?
It so bothers me. Since I can never have you.

It bothers me.

Loving someone isn't the easiest I've done here in life. Hating someone isn't that much easier either, I believe.
But loving you hurts more, so I'm thinking about if I should start hating you.
Just to ease the pain.

Mend this heartache with your hands.
Mend it with your love.
Mend this loveache with your hands.
Mend it with your heart.
Mend my suffering with your soul.
Mend me with yourself <3

Stop being here. It bothers me. Since you're never really here, and I can never have you.

Solitude* Vacancy <3


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