I miss.

I miss old times when you were the only one in the world who could make me glad. When I was longing to sit by the computer just to talk to you. When you seemed happy everytime I logged in.. When it really felt like you ment it when you said, I love you talk to you. When you called me nicknames and it really felt like we could be. Now it's all in ruins and I miss the times when it all felt good. When I got happy when you wrote "kiss" or a heart 'cause.. it never happened often.. Now I just feels hurt and left out when you Don't... It's sick... How everything can chance so fast. How it can go from "the best" to "the worst" in just some minutes. How words can hurt so much and make you so sad. I don't know where to go from here.. I don't want anything to chance but I can't deny that it'll not.. I can't be like before 'cause you're not like before.. Nothing is like before! I miss "before".. Old times.. The past... I miss... you.. <'3
It's like you're not that guy anymore.. That guy who Liked me.. Or what do I know, maybe you never liked me.. 'Cause how would I know you don't share your feelings.. You don't share your thoughts so how can I know what you think about things.. and people.. about me.... You've said you like me.. Erhm.. okey, you like me.. You know that it's loads of meanings of the word "like".. You can like a relative, you can like a friends, you can like a dog and you can like candy...
Perfect... I can't be perfect since you don't like me like I like you.. you say I'm perfect, you fucking lier.. You say I'm funny and cool and fun to talk to and.. you think I'm perfect.. on the INSIDE.. Well apperently that's not it.. You need someone whose perfect on the outside too.. Whish I'm not.. I wish I were.. I wish I were the one you want me to be.. the one you'd love... Admite it.. you're hurt by the fact that I wasn't as good looking as you'd told yourself.. That's why I never said I were! 'Cause I knew you had to high expectations on me.. on everything.. how it would be, what we would do, how I would be... And apperently I didn't reach that high to furfil those standards... I'm sorry.. I wish I did.. I would do anything to... <'3

I miss to feel like I'm everything you want and need.... <''''3

Solitude* Vacancy <3


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