Haha I surtenly know how to switch between moods aiiight ;D Atm, Im happy as ever, as I started the day ^^ Well aye, cant be sad whn I talk to Marc can I XD Well anyways, I should've been in bed long time no see, like ;D but who cares, except from my parents but they dont count :D I love the night time, you get RLY bad humor n yah laugh at everything n life is jus PEACHY XD hahahah I could stay up forever but hey, my parents would kill me or sumthing, wouldnt want that to happen to me atm whn Im happy fpr once woulnd we ;D So I better get off ^^

It sucks hun, I had my phone in the computer IM SRY !! So I didnt reseve your txt msg until like, now :/ Well I hope I hear from yah 2moz as well . . love yah still <33

Shortest blogg ever ;D Cuz Im off to bed :D Fucks to yah Marc !!! ;D N love to yah rest, PMSL <3

Solitude <3


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