What should I do?

What should I do bout you ?! You jus drive me mad n crazy n all that shit. But I CARE for you ! I cant help it, cant help I wanna help you ! But thn you have to LET me help you ! You cant jus sit there thinkin your unpleasent thoughts all the freakin time ! You must let them go once in a while ! I know the feelin of loneliness n jus wantin to die n all that shit. It's jus to keep up the gd work n not hink bout it that much. But you're not even TRYIN ! it's not that easy to help sum1 who doesnt seems to want help. . i wanna help you, I rly want to. .  I want you to get happy n think bout happy things n not sit there beein depressed. . It hurts me, it hurts me that sum1 I care that much for s unhappy. . . Plz try to be happy, plz try to get rid of those thoughts, for my sake? Plz, it would mean the world to me jus to know that you're happy for a while, for a moment. . love to hear you laugh, it's the best. So plz ! Do it more often, jus for me?. . . .

I'm off from the comp now anyways. . Been sittin here all day n I feel the unpleasent feelin of that this is not healthy XD haha n Im startin to have nothing to do here n it wouldnt be that gd if mum came home n I'm sittin here, since she said that I couldnt sit here 2daz (A) Well aye, Im not an angel, so I can do bad things (A) woahahaha. .

I wanna go down to Gothenburg, RL bad ! Im hatin this. . . I sumtimes feel I wanna know what you do. .  I kinda never know what you do, I get to know it later on whn you tell it to me. N that's not even sure you tell the truth, or all of it. .  I wanna be with you, I wanna experience everything with you. I want you (L) I ave to see you this year, seriously I cant make it so much further without you. . Plz come to me <3 I've alrdy desided that Im goin to you at my 18th birthday or sumtime after. Bcs thn mum cant deside what I should do, n you're the only thing I wish for atm, I love you <3

Seriously ?! Why do I miss you ?!?!?! I have no right to miss you :P You've only caused my life pain n sufferin, so why do I miss that? why do I miss your. . beautiful smile. . . your wonderful alughter n jokes... Omg, I so haveto get you outta my mind ! This is not healthy ! I DONT like you ! I dont ! ;k . . . . . oh god, who'm I foolin, you'll always be in my heart. . . I wish you'd seen that b4. . . well, this must come to an end. Im not allwed to think bout you ANYMORE ! this is it. The End.

I'll see if I'll be on later :) Dunno what mum thinks bout that ;D But we'll see. I love y'all <3

Solitude <3


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