Takes ma life in Slo-mo <3

Im a slow person ;D I take everythin in ma own speed, whish is like the slowest EVER, but it's not MA fault. I hate to stress, it's so stressy XD haha I dont wanna rush ma life n miss everythin like :) I take it ma own speed, DEAL WITH IT ! ;)

Im sry I didnt write a blogg yesterday night, but I didnt have time at all ! I came home pretty late n so we ate n I were with Emma n Anna n we went round n I looked at ma darn HOT neighbour ! ;D haha he's emo <3 I LOVE emo guys, they're sooo hot ;D haha I saw like a hundred emo guys yesterday in Stockholm center ! I saw one whom I could've jus ran up to n ask him to marry me XD Seriously... he was that hot... ! Anyways, I have another hot neighbour too XD haha But he's like the pure opposite ! He kinda looks like Ola Svensson, hahah ! But he's darn hot :) Mebe cuz Ola Svensson is hot, but anyways... this guy is hotter ^o) haha okey, have to stop talk bout guys ;D
Well 2daz we're goin tinto town again ! n we'll prolly go to GrönaLund again ! <3 n I'll ride the rollercoaster like a hundred times ! N so we might go to this underground aquaruim ! it's suuuper cool ;D

Joakim called yesterday, he said he wouldnt but he did anyways ;D haha well aye, he said he would go n buy the same phone card as I have 2daz so he could call me cheap. SO he promised he would call me 2daz :) So I sure he do bcs orelse he've lied to me n thn I'll get furious ! Anyways, do as you like :) <3

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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