Well aye, last blog for 07.07.07 thn ;D

Im headin out with Ante n jus ought I'd write sumthin b4 I go ;D Since I  bet I wont write anythin whn I come bk, since I bet thats . .  late ;D hahah If mum even will let me out at this hour.. . she bet she is. . orelse. . I'll go out anyways.. wohahah ;D

Well Andreas' not patience. . . so I'd better get goin now ;D

Over n out ;D Talk to y'all 2moz I bet ;) Love y'all, n fucks to yah Marc !! ;D <33
N this blog is dedicated to yah, Sis, it's not that long, see.. I managed to write an nonmiles long blog ;D Proud?
Anyways, I love you through it all <33333

I skip the italic txt for this blog, its jus depressive ;D Since I havnt heard from yah ;D So I dont wanna write bout it ! I dont CARE ! Do whatever you want, you might not even love me anyways . . . </3 Darn, I couldnt manage ONE blog, ONE, without you in it. . You feckin cocksucker.. okey not, I love you <333

Solitude <3

Postat av: sis;)

haha yes im very proud:P...lmao...haha damn lyxbarn<3

2007-07-08 @ 11:24:12

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