Stockholm tomorrow then.

Well aye thn.. We'll be off to Stockholm 2moz :D Hope it'll get much more fun thn I've had it the last couple of days here in Rönnby XD Well the worst part is that I'll not be online as often as I've been the last days.. But hey, thn you can have sum time to miss me (A) haha AAAANGEL <3 Well anyways, now the Bertilssons are here.. haha, erhm.. NO comments XD haha Im bored.. I dunno, I jus dont have ANYTHIN to do here at all.. Well aye, I've been out 2daz playin football :D It was DARN fun until I kicked my bro on his leg n so I REsprained my ankle again -.- STUPID ANKLE !! It'll never heal.. darn foot.. Well aye, I think I've sum virus or sumthin.. I dunno .. My arm jus started to hurt yesterday, darn much ! n it moved up to my elbow n so to my shoulder... it hurt so much I couldnt sleep on my left side.. ;S Wierd shit.. Anyways.. n yeah, I think I've done sumthin with my left knee cuz it hurts too... Think I streched my knee on the Ö-vik camping whn I was bikin... Well aye, Im a week person LOLS XD

You can get an daily upgrate of photos ;D

Well aye, this is pretty much what I've done ;D
I ate at Max, mmmm.. it was so gd :) saw a rly discustin dude.. He had pretty long hair, a hairribbon in his hair.. n he was pierced in one ear.. n he jus looked.. gay XD hahahah awkward dude.. anyways.. thn we drove home n on the way I saw this sign "Laggar". Haha. Darn funny place to live at.. Bet it laggs alot there... Ö: lmao.. Anyways.. thn I got home, took sum stupid photos at myself as usual.. haha, n so I went inside n ate icecream n strawberries <3 Thn I tried n shoot with that gun on the pick :D It was shit loads of fun !! <33

Well now I better go out n be a little bit social with the "ppl" ;D haha. See you all 2moz mebe, if I'll not have to much to do in Sthlm.. :) Well love y'all n fucks to Marc ;D <333

Solitude * Vacancy <3

Postat av: sis<3

men asså ta lite mera fjortis bild klr..rätt ner i urringningen^o)..*host* fjolla *host*

2007-07-17 @ 00:51:19

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