Stockholm, Bredängs camping.

"Well aye, Im Stockholm now thn :D Jus had my dinner so Im full n I'll not eat until.. nxt time I'll eat ;D Whenever that is.. Well oks, I've been down to the beach n checkin out guys............... WHAT GUYS ?! OMG ! We're at this BIG campin with like.. 35 trailers n NO HOT GUYS ?! Where's the world goin ?! Well aye, not here ! We always pick the campins without the hot guys... Im startin to believe that my parents look for these campins...
- Hello n welcome to *hmm hmm hmm* camping, what can I help you with?
- Well hello, I have sum wonders bout your campin..
- Well I'll try n help thn !
- First of all, do you have any hot guys here ?
- Well yeah out selection of guys is Pretty big accually ! :D
Stupid fucks.. I bet they do like that -.- Jus to make sure I'll never find a guy ^^ haha. My luck :P"

Wrote that yesterday... Didnt have that much free time since I were everywhere with Anna n Emma n like.. fooled ourself n had shitloads of fun ;D So I totally forgot the blog for the day ;OO Well anyways, that's all I managed to come up with the little time I took to write sumthin... haha :)

Anyways, a new day ! A.. not that wonderful day tho.. it's clouds everywhere n tho sun's not .. well visible :P Bye it's RLY warm so I dont complain :) Hopefully we'll go to the town 2daz n do sumthin more valuable, haha. Think we're goin to Grönalund, an amusement park, this evenin like.. late :) It'll be great ! Im goin to ride the Ferris wheel :D Wihoo, that's like the only thing I dare to ride ^o) Im a chicken whn it comes to carousells (A) Well... I prefer the lotterybooths :D Im gd at playin away loads of money (A) Or like, drivin the car games in the gamehouses !! <33 Well aye, we'll see how we do ;)

lols, it's pretty fun, since whn you're goin to the toilet you have to press this code to enter the bathrooms n the code is 1106 :P So we've started to use that as a code for goin to the bathroom ^^ Like whn sum1s goin they say, Oh I think I have to 1106 :) N thn every1's like, Ooh is it time for 1106? ;) Pretty silly tho but ^^

Is it better to be with a guy you dont rly love as in "wanna be with" love, thn to be alone? Since the guy you RLY love, doesnt want you or love you back. Cuz you do like this other guy n he cares for you n love you n yeah, you RLY like this guy but... well he just isnt the other guy. He has that special thing n well, seein him with another girl would drive you mad. But what is better, to be alone n watsh this guy find a girl n jus hate the world... Or to try an relationship with this other guy jus so you'll forget the guy you truly love? This guy doesnt want you, there's nothing you can do so you should try n go on with your life as he does with his. He doesnt care bout you n you're startin to mean nothing at ALL to this guy so why should you stay? The other guy loves you n he would prolly do like anythin for you, what makes you hesitate? What makes you hesitate the obviously ? What does this guy have that makes you wanna stay n never give up the fight? He do you no gd n yet you dont wanna give it up. Sumtimes I wonder if I've ever had any sence at all... Have I ever made a gd decision? And will I ever be able to get rid of ancient feelings or will I forever live as I always have...?

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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