Allright thn :D Im in Rönnby atm, doin. . nothing. . Well I jus got off the phone with Joakim <3 OMG, I've missed sittin by the comp ! ;D HAHA *ADDICT* Tho there's like NO1 only now whn I am.  . :'( Hopefully sum1 gets online soon. . :) Well aye, prolly be online pretty much, tho I promised I'd call Joakim later on 2 :) <33

Okey :) Were in Sundsvall yesterday :) O H M Y G O D !! There was like a HUNDRED of gd lookin guys there. . I almost died ! They were everywhere ! On the campin, in the city. . everywhere.
N yeah, I had the most drop-dead GORGEOUS guy as a neighbour whn we camped in Ö-vik ;D Didnt have that much time thn so I forgot everything I was suppose to write bout like, you know, drop-dead gorgeous guys n other IMPORTENT shit Ö: hahaha Well aye, I've seen ALOT of smokin hot guys, omg. . I so have to move more south whn I finish school, haha. Well that might not be a so gd idea after all, I'll prolly die from like, overheat bcs of all the hot guys ;D hahaha If yah can do that, lols. Well anyways it was rly fun n so :) Too bad tho I didnt have time to go n see Rasmus :( It would've been fun to see yah, but hey, I cant do everything at the same time :/ N it was an family vacation so I wasnt suppose to see yah after all, but it'd been fun :)
It wasnt that gd weather in Ö-vik whn we was there. . . it kinda jus rained n shit but got a little better from time to time :) N thn whn we drove to Sundsvall it got alot better :) We'd sun n we jus walked along in every shop n like, stared, haha. It was a shitty mal, it sucked. . Was like borin shops n things n I didnt rly feel like buyin anythin bcs I felt rly fat that day, dont rly know why I jus did. . . Well I bought a t-shirt anyways :)
Well aye, we were suppose to sleep in our trailer on the IKEA parkin in Sundsvall but dad changed the plans so we continued drivin till we got to Tönnebro n so we stayed there over the night ;) It's like an truck parkin to it was RLY noisy at night but I slept DAMN gd ;D N yeah, dads daily joke, hahaha. We store our water in sum box in the frontseat to keep it cool, n so my bro reashed his hand to the front n say, I want sum water ! N so we jus passed this bridge n dad jus, it's in the river. . . haha omg :P Stupid. But the joke is a little better in swedish since there's a card game that's called like, it's in the river, so :D haha anyways ;D

Well aye, slept well this night n so we got up early to continue our journey towards Rönnby, where Im now, n so we left our trailer there n went to Gränby n did sum more shoppin n I bought a brown sweater, darn neat it was :) haha We went round alot n so we went bk to Rönnby :) Thn whn we arrived, my cousin, Henrik, was drivin his little quad, like tiny little ;D Bcs he's like 4 years old ! N he drove this thing round like a maniac ! ;D He's like the coolest kid EVER ! XD N he jus came n parked it on the lawn n he came up to us n took of his crosshelmet n he stood there in his outfit with his blonde hair all messed up xD omg, he's so DARN cute :D N so they have a bigger quad so I'll prolly drive sum later on :D

I dunno what to say, I dunno what to think. So I've desided that I wont say anything or think so much bout you babe ;D I dont get it how you think, it jus feels like you dont rly know what you want n so on . . but hey, it's your like n yah can do whatever you want with it :) If you wanna spend your life with me, gd for both of us, I love you so ofc I wanna spend my life with you :) But if you wanna spend your life with your ex, fine with me, what makes you happy, makes me happy :) Im jus glad I got to know you babes <3 Well aye, as I said I'll call you later on so we can talk sum more :)
Jag Älskar Dig <3
Even if I see one or a hundred of hot guys, I love Joakim the most in the entire world and I wouldnt wanna share my life with anyone else but him.

Allright, what shall I write bout now... I shouldnt write anything more now, have alrdy overwritten what Nic think's a long blog enough XD haha Sry babe but I cant help it, everything jus COMEs to me whn I sit here n write ;D Well aye, who've said you HAVE to read them anyways ;) You can jus dont. . . :P No1 will kill you for that, lols. . . I love you even if you dont read them :D
Aah, I can put up sum pictuers :D Jus a sec. . .

Hahaha ;D Think I've had a little to much free time ;D
If yah wonder why I've taken a pic of MHS, it's bcs my initials' M.H n so is my dads n my bros, so we call ourself for the M.Hs ^^ *bad humor*

1. My new braclet :)
2. My favorite candy :)
3. Me and my brother ridin this FUCKSHIT fun thingy :)
4. Me eatin pommes frites <3
5. Aaaaand... me :D haha

Well aye, that's it. . . Have to go now, my dad dont like me sittin here all afternoon ;D haha So I'll jus be off for now n I'll prolly be on laters. . . or not ;D We'll jus see, haha. Well I love you all <33

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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