Off I go.

Well aye, thn Im off. . Goin away from this town :) Leavin it all, includin my sis ;( It sucks !! Why do you have to get home precisly the day I'm leavin?!? It's gods FUCKIN will... doesnt want us to be with eachother. . we're to a gd duo ;D wohahaha <3 Well anyways. . I get to meet you b4 I go ! So Im kinda pleased :) <33333 Been stressin n runnin round all day n fixin with the trailer n I'll PROLLY forget sumthin ! I KNOW it ! I always forget sumthin. .  my fuckin luck. . gah. . Well aye, I'll jus buy another one or I'll live without it. .  it's not the end of the world like, haha. Well, that depends on what I'll forget.. . The end of the world would be if I'd forget my phone... I'll be the only thin I'll keep with me 24/7 till we're leavnin ;D (like that'll be anythin out of the ordinary. . . wohaha)

I dunno what it is but it jus feels like every1's mad n in a baaad mood like ;S Í dunno why.. . Maybe bcs of the bad weather. . . I always get in a bad mood whn it's ranin, I dunno, jus see no need for happiness in the rain ;D Prolly jus need to see Nic, wohahah, it's her fault. It's bcs I havnt seen her. . . I need to meet my better half so I can get sum light in my life, startin to get all dark n quiet ;D

Jag Älskar Dig <3

When the world has gone
When the darkness falls
Dive into the falseness
of your empty halls
Inhale the greed
inhale the ache
take away your pride
and put it in a stash
Take a close look
of what everything has been
Make sure you know your path
and insure that you'll overwin <3

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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