Ö-vik camping.

Aiight thn. . Im at Ö-viks camping doin. . not that much :) I've been watshin tv n like. .listen to music, been in the city, random things :) We were BBQing to dinner 2daz, mmmm it was GREAT <3 Bought a braclet in silver with tunes in silver n like diamonds :D Fake tho but hey, what ppl dont know. . . ;)
OMG, how'll I be able to write an entire blog in less thn 30mins ! It usually takes me like hours n hours ! haha well aye, have to make the best of it. . haha, it'll not be as gd as always but whatever. . . ;D
Im in lack of words n things to write. . . It's prolly bcs of the times pressure. . . hmm hmm hmmm. . . .

NIC FFS YOU MUST LOGG IN NOW !! I only have like 15min left n well aye, I'll not be able to talk to yah in sum time :P Well aye, I can txt yah but hey. .yah dont have any money on your phone so yah cant write bk. . oh gee, how fun is that on a scale !! :D

Hopefully I'll be on more later on or mebe 2moz :) I wont be able to answere all of the things I have to answere n I wont be able to write as long blog as usual n as MANy as usual ;d it sucks. . .:P I'll dieee of computer longing, if yah can do that lols ;D Well if yah cant I'll be the first one lmao ;D

Im dyin from stress. . . haha I'll die from to much blod in ma vains bcs my heart is so stressed it'll pump out to much blood n ma vains'll expolde ;D I'll invent plenty ways of dyin, sittin here ;D haha We must get internet on our portable computer so I can sit as much as I want so I dont need to stress myself to death ;D

I better get this blog finished now ! It's like5mins left, hahah . Well aye, love yah all n i'll write whn I get time :D
Fucks to yah Marc ;)

Jag Älskar Dig <3

* Vacancy <3


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