New day. New thoughts.

Gon start this blog with puttin up sum pics that my cousin took with my phone lols ;D
 Not very givin photos but hey, he's only 4 years old XD haha

Among the pics it's my bro, he's pants, my mum, Henriks foot, my leg, Henrik's father n my father.. n yeah sum cryons (? sumthin tells me it's called that.. dunno why..) n a keyhole n a window n a chair n the computer n the lawn n yeah.. loads of shit XD

Well aye, in a much better mood 2daz I must say ;D haha well sumtimes it jus requires sum sleep whn Im down :P It's jus the day thats bad, I jus need to sleep in away ;D
Anyways, now Henrik's gon go out n drive his quad, hahah. Fuckin genius, haha. He's so cool omg... Except from whn he sits in my lap n pick his nose... erhm.. anyways, kids ;D

2daz it's NiceNice weather n the sun's shinin n it's this nice cold breeze singin once in a while, rly lovely :) Hopefully we'll do sumthin else 2daz thn jus sit in the sun.. orelse I'll get rly bored.. I'll us sit here all day n dad'll get furious n shit.. But what, I've been lyin in the sun a while.. it's to hot. N I have no friends here, since every1's over 30 or under 4... so wtf am I suppose to do?! I can sit n make phonecalls all day, but gee, how fun would that be whn I've sad everythin to every1 n Im broke... -.-
I'll sit here n eat chips n get fater... omg, im pathetic XD well anyways.. nvm, I'll jus live my pathetic life as it is n die whnever I feel like it, haha. (A)

Well now I've nothin to write bout.. there's like NO1 online on msn so I have nothin to do n Im s FUCKIN bored there's no word for it.. Well aye, now my bro, Henrik n his dad :) Hopefully sumthin more fun'll happened :P Prolly not but hey, wishin is free XD

Well aye, Im off from the comp for nows :D See you laters :) 
Txt me Sis so I know that you're alive ;D Love you all <333 N fucks to you Marc cuz your never online stupid ! :P

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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