Mongolien BBQ <3

Okey, another day :D The Bertilssons has alrdy LEFT THE CAMPING !!! WOHAHAHAH <3 It might be a god.. *cough* Anyways.. 2daz we're goin into Sthlm Center again !! N we're goin to eat at the mongolien BBQ !! <333 You cant imagine how Fuckin Unbelievable GOOD the food is there!! OMG :D It's soo great, Im gon fast all day so I can eat for hours (n get even fater thn I alrdy am..) ! It will be great ^^ N the best thing is, that thn we're goin into town sooooooo !! PUNK SHOP FTW ;DD Thn I can go to the shop I wanted to go to yesterday !! :D I said to mum I could walk to it by myself, cuz I rly wanna go there b4 we leave <3 I so love that shop :) It's the best ! Thn I can buy my suspenders !! :D Wihooo :) It's sooo cool, n I can see if they've got home sum more of those badges :) I LOVE those too :D Im gon put sum on my new shoes :) It'll be great ;D I wonder how many times I've had said "It'll be great" in this blog.. ^o) Dont care to look.. haha.


Look how cool !! Serioulsy Im IN LOVE with the frogs :) They're the cutest ever, I'll get one of those ;D

(not all of them cuz Im wearin sum n I didnt care to go look for everything ;D)
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4.  5.  6.

1. My badges !! The best ever, tho I have one more I think on the shoulder ribbon, it's a skull ;D
2. My sneakers :) The coolest ever, they're sooo compy too <2
3. MY other sneakers :D They're so cool, n I'll buy a badge to put on both of them so they'll get ever cooler <3
4. Sum jewelleries I' ve bought :) Not all of them tho, couldnt care to find them all ^^
5. (tilt your head to the right) My vest :D
6. Me ;D In my new biatchy glasses ;D <33

You ASS !! Seriously you said, you promised, you would call me yesterday n you DIDNT ! I didnt even hear from you at all, well aye, you sent me a txt like at 12 that said "wohoo, my internet is working:D" or sumthin... ! Well gee thx babe ! You said you would buy this card n call me up ! You shouldnt say sumthin you dont think you can keep ! I hadnt cared if you hadnt said you would call me... If you'd jus say that I'll hear from you.. I hadnt mind. It's jus that you SAID you'd call that makes me furious! You have to stop sayin things that you're not sure you can keep.. But aye, you can do whatever you like.. it's your life so if you dont want me in it, keep up the gd work lyin to me !

Well Im off from the blog now ;D It's sun outside n warm so I cant sit here all day ;D
Love you all <33 Write later whn I have time :)

Solitude * Vacanacy <3

Postat av: sis<3

haha miss you too;)<3

2007-07-24 @ 17:48:25

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