Manage the aroundworld.

Cant take the world anymore. Every1 (except from ma sis) seems to hate me, or think more or less shit of me. I cant take livin in this world anymore, why cant it all be gd. I seriously can get why you doesnt like me. I wouldnt like myself. I whimper to much, I complain bout life and who the FUCK want a girlfriend who doesnt evern like herself. I dont have courage, I dont have confidence and I dont have faith. Im missin all these things that guys puts value on whn they look for a girl. I miss all the great things here in life that matters, I got all these things that might be gd to have in certain times but doesnt mean a shit in the big whole.... I wanna stop the complainin, I wanna stop the whimperin, but I cant. I see all these STUPID things in life to complain bout. These things that doesnt rly matter at all, these things that you dont care bout. Love me. I wanna feel sum1 wishin for me, I wanna feel wanted. Want me! I wanna hear sum1 cry out my name, I want sum1 to see me as everything, I wanna be sum1's day n night, sun  n moon. I wanna be your star.

Now our love's floating out the window
Our love's floating out the back door
Our love's floating up in the sky, in heaven
Where it began, back in God's hands

Everything's shit, and I bet it cant get any worse. It cant get darker at night, n the air cant get much harder to breath. I cant think that life's more useless to live and I cant believe in less then I do.

Solitude * Vacancy <3

Postat av: sis<3

ejjj! en himla syrra matters la i längden lr?! nu blev ja lite förolämpad....:'(

2007-07-14 @ 03:53:13

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