I will just stop thinking about love.

I hate love, it sucks sooo much. I can never make up my mind bout what I feel or what I think bout anythin. . . But I've jus laid n thought bout it all n I came up with sumthin. . . (from my oppinion bout GUYS.)

Whn you love love sum1 you cant stop think bout him n you jus wanna be with him n everythin he does makes you glad, n everytime you see him, he makes you in a gd mood whatever have happened to yah in the past. Whn you're with sum other guys or see a hot guy sumwhere you jus think bout this guy.N this is the guy whom you compare with other guys whn you see them, you think like, oh no that guy doesnt have his smile, that guy doesnt have his eyes, that guy doesnt shine like he do n so on.... N you cant STAND seein, knowin that he's with another girl thn you. N the smallest thought bout him havin a girlfriend who's not you, it drives you CRAZY! You jus feel that whatever this guy does, you can forgive him. Everybody have their own faults n you're willin to forgive this guy for his faults cuz you know that it's better thn livin your life without him.
Love sum1 as a friend. Whn you love sum1 as a friend you jus feel that this person you can share everythin with n that he makes you glad n you jus trust this guy all out ! You can do friendly things n you can joke bout eachother n jus have fun n no1 takes it fully out. Whn sumthin happens, this is the first person you think bout n you want him to know everythin bout him bcs you feel that keepin sumthin from him feels wrong. You dont care if he'll meet a another girl n fall inlove bcs you know that he'll stay with you n still share everythin with you bcs you're so gd friends. He's not the person you think bout whn you're hangin with guys n you feel that he jus wants the best for you. You care bout this guy n you love him but not quite as much that you wanna be with him... But you might think that from time to time since this is the guy that rly care for you n wth, he knows everythin bout you n you can talk bout everythin... But you dont rly know...

What Im tryin to get to is that. . . I dont think I love LOVE Joakim. .  I think he fits better in the friend love profile. . Since he's not the first guy I think bout whn I see a hot guy n I dont care if he finds another girl only that he's happy... There's another guy that fits that profile perfectly, every word n every letter.... I've tried to deny it ever since you turned me down, but who'm I foolin? I jus.... I cant stop thinkin bout it. It drivs me mad, free me !

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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