Homesick ?

Okey, I think Im rly startin to get homesick now... I rly feel like Im missin it all, sumthin is missin !!! Im startin to feel outside, not at home.. it jus feels wierd.. N my body constantly hurts... Cant go an entire day without that sumthin hurts ! My legs're all walked out n my knee is all fucked up n I think it's broken ;S Well anyways.. I had the WORST day every 2daz, it sucked sooo much ! It's like everythin we do, we do it Bertilsson's way ! They're whimperin n whimperin n I cant STAND any more ! One wanna go home n antoher wanna go to Gröna Lund n one dont wanna eat there n another dont wanna do anythin at all, bla bla bla ! OMG !! I wanted a sweater n sum suspenders n mebe sum of those buttons with like txts on n shit.. N there's ONE shop in the ENTIRE stockholm that I wanted to go to, but noooo we couldnt go there cuz whn we'd gone to sum shops THEY wanted to go to, they were all exhausted n wanted to GO HOME !! FUCKIN ASS SHIT GAY STUPID FAMILY !!! I WANNA KILL THEM !! AAH !! I jus wanted to go to that shop n buy these things n I'd been pleased ! I'd been walkin all day with this SMILE on my face !! But NO! WHY LET MARLENE BE HAPPY FOR ONCE?!?! I've done everythin, EVERY FUCKIN THING that they'va wanted to do, EVERYTHIN !! With NO complain ! Cant they let me do this ONE thing ?! I jus wanna SCREAM !! GAAAAHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *breathe, breathe*
Anyways, it was pretty cool, I was at the Aquaria :D DAMNIT IT WAS COOL !!! With all these cool, colored fishes :D It was AWESOME ! I'll put sum pics up 2moz since I dont care to look up the cable to the phone atm ^^ haha But you'll see it <3

Well I should get goin now :) Im DEAD TIRED, I'll prolly fall asleep in the chair soon if I dont go to bed :D
I'll put up sum pics at the things I've bought too !! It's so cool :D You jus HAVE to see the shorts I've bought, seriously, drop-dead gorgeous XD hahaha
Well anyways, I love you all, especially my sis <3 Miss you like crazy <3

Solitude * Vacanacy <3

Postat av: Percan B

Nejmen :O inte va ledsen nu :D i love bertilssons :)<3

2007-07-20 @ 12:26:03

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