GrönaLund <3

Well aye, So the day has passed ! O H M Y G O S C H !! Seriously !! I couldnt have had a better day !! :DD OMG, it was sooo fun ! <3 First we had to wait n wait n wait so that every1 had to get rdy for us to start goin to the city. Thn we walked for sum minutes to the subway n we took a train to "the old city". There we went on for like, quite sum time n we looked in the shops (well that's what the others did, I looked at hot guys *shocker*) n all the great allies (dunno how you write that in plural ^o)). It's rly nice accually, tho I've been there like a million of times :P And yeah we went to the castle a quick look too, tho it costs a fortune to go inside so we jus looked in the lobby :)

Here's sum pictures from the allies in The Old City (sounds rly stupid in english lols)
Haha aye, we stayed for sum meal b4 we went on n there was an old lady who went n ate the food we'd left on our plates ! DISCUSTING ! XD Thn the cheif came out n told her that she'd to leave ;D Thn she went away n started to pick up cigarette-butts XD lols, we laughed quite alot bout that... Anna couldnt believe that the old lady accually DRANK the grounds of her coke ;D

After we'd been there we went on to GrönaLund <3 Im RLY afraid of carousells, I've like ridden 4 carousells in my entire life ;D haha I HATE it ! Or I hatED it... haha. We (the kids, includin me, my bro, Anna, Emma n Anton) got tickets n money n got sent away to "have fun".. the grownups took a beer, or wine, n took a seat at a pub n drank ! We littluns went on n searched for things to do.. So we ended up ridin this "Blue train", lmao ! Stupid thingy, it went RLY slow n so it wasnt even that dark so you could see all the "spooky" things on the walls that was gon pop out (is was gon be like a scary tunnel so..) it was rly like, yeah I dunno.. bad :P Well aye, afterwards we went on n no1 wanted to ride anythin since, I dunno... no1 said anythin ;D Thn Emma n my bro desided to go n ride this The Voice carouselle. It went round on the spot n around the whole thingy, omg. N so the rest of us we jus stood, n walked round waitin for them to get finished .. :P We didnt find any carousells to ride, lols. N whn they finished, they loooved it, we went on n was gon ride the biggest, blue :P, rollercoaster ! But I R E F U S E D ! ;D Thn we desided to go to the Funnyhouse :D  I L O V E the Funnyhouse ! it's sooo (shocker!!) funny ! ;D lmao. I love the part best whn you walk on kinda a bridge n the walls spinn round you n it looks like the universe, n it feels like you're goin round ! It's THE coolest <33
After that we went bk to the grownups to look how they had it. N we sat down n took a breath. After 10min of talkin me into ridin the rollercoaster we walked to it ;D But I hesitated whn we got there n refused to go ;D After another 10mins outside it we got EVERY1 (except from dad n Richard since there where off sumwhere else) to ride along with us ;D So they, half, draged me into it n I were off... Think I told every1 I was gon die like a million times, haha. What, i seriously THOUGHT I would die, hahah. Well..... I'll thank them all my life for makin me cuz DAMN it was the must fun thing ever !! I went on n we rode the new rollercoaster jus me, Emma n Anna and DAMN that was shitloads of fun as well !! :D But thn I got out of tickets :'( Darn, but mum n Annika said we was goin bk 2moz n thn we would get RIDERIBBON ! It's this ribbon you buy n thn you can ride EVERY attraction for free :D IMBA ! Im gon ride the third rollercoaster n I promised Emma to ride the Looooovetunnel with her ;) hahahah It's prolly fun ;D
After that we went out the park n took the ferry over to "land" n took the subway to the center of the town where we went to Pizza Hut <3 There we had to stand n wait (imagine you that after an entire day of walkin n runnin round) for like 15min to get a seat ! Well whn we'd got our seats I ordered a pizza with chicken n extra cheese ;) YUMMIE !! They have like the best pizza EVER there ! Tho it takes time to get it.... Whn we were finished we went on n we littluns played "you're in" (or what you say in english..) on the way to the subway (A) Took the subway to Bredäng n now Im lyin here in my bed exhausted ! ;D

And yeah I went into the Spookyhouse too ;D It was DARN neat lols !! I seriously got scared, omg. There was one guy who made me scream, Frankenstein ! (Or Einstein as I said the first time ;D I got myself confused, didnt think of what I said, lols.) The girls behind me screamed so I was gon turn round to see what it was n he stood infront of me, AH ! haha orsele it was darn funny walkin there with every1 all scared up ;D laughed my ass off ! <3

It was a RLY great day n 2moz we're goin to the city to do sum (MORE *sigh*) shoppin ! I so hate shoppin even more now thn b4... Seriously, cant girls have enough of shoppin ?! It drives me nuts! Lucky me that Im not lesbien, damn, wouldnt manage a girl... haha. Yeah, thinkin of lesbien, I saw a "celebrity" in the sub :) Cici from swedish Idol :) Pretty cool :) N yeah I saw a transvestite on Pizza Hut, YEW !! Seriously, so discustin... why cant guys stay guys ?! It looked soo.. yew ! He'd done like all the surgeries n shit.. yew.. seriously, it jus looks.. sick.. haha (A) Erhm.. jus for the record (A) Had to tell you, dunno why, jus had to XD

Now like, my entire body HURTS ! N seriously, I have to look up my knee.. I think there's sumthin seriously wrong with it... Might have broken it... It hurts n I can only bend it like, not as I can bend the other one XD Well anyways... Im startin to get RLY tired n I bet I have to get up early cuz I rly have to shower b4 we go to town... Wohahah and yeah, there's like a TON of hot guys here !! OMG ! Not wierd that it's hotter here thn where I live with all these guys steamin there way through town <333

Okey, better end it here... Nic's alrdy gon kill me for this blog since it's like a mile long (A) Still cant help it babes, love you loads tho.. Miss you like crazy <33
Love you all, I sooo miss Lse so darn much.. Hope Im goin home soon. Dunno if I can take it so much longer... N I rly miss you, since I havnt seen you since the school finished. Well aye, fucks to you Marc-who's-never-online, bastard ;) <3

Solitude * Vacanacy <3


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