Good Life -,^

You're the sweetest ever babe :) I have no idea what I should do without you... We've talked like LOADS the last couple of days n I love it <3 But I dunno what it's with you... it feels like you've lost your will to live or sumthin... like you dont care bout life anymore.. N it feels like you liked me more whn you were 2gether with your gf... But hey, you say you didnt.. Im sry if im such a pain in the arse babe, but I cant help it.. I need to know how you feel n think orelse it'll drive me mad... you have to tell me cuz I cant read your mind n you're way to far away for me to SEE that sumthin's wrong.. But we've talked bout it n you say it's jus a phase.... I jus have to believe you dont I... I love it whn you're so sweet... I dunno, but sumtimes late at night you get very cozy n I jus love talkin n txtin with you thn <3 It rly makes me in a great mood, you always make me in a gd mood babe... Even tho we have had our.. "times" lately, I still like you as I did before.. if not more <3 Im hopin you'll come here soon <3 It's sooo far away the autumn break... :/ Well, I bet I've to deal with it.... I miss you <3 It sucks that mum wont let me go to you, but I'll go to you whn i turn 18 in like 6 months :)
N yeah, you turn 16 2moz, happy birthday in advance <33 It would've been the best if I could come to you on your birthday... :( I RLY TRULY wish I could... It would've been the best... But mum jus hates me, cuz if she didnt she would've let me go ! Cuz she must get how much you mean to me ... I dunno why I cant ! Im almost 18 years old, OMG ! N she've spoken to you.. God jus hates me, thats why.... He wanna torture me n he doesnt let me feel happiness... It's sick that you're 1,5year younger thn me ^o) That feels wierd ^^ Tho I can believe you are, you doesnt feel 15 to me, lols... I havnt thought bout that since now whn I had to think what you turn n yeah.. you turn 16 g.d ;D Well, age doesnt count in that small numers... I dont care <3
Hunny, I never get tired of you.. I dunno why you've started to doubt my love for you ;S you always get cranky whn I dont answere your txts or if our phonecall breaks.. thn you automatic think that I hung up cuz I didnt wanna talk.. Why the fuck would I hang up ?! N I tell you be4 I hang up.. ;K haha. Seriously, we might have to cut down on our messin round thing.. cuz soon we're gon get mad at eachother, haha. But it's fun tryin to make you cranky ^^ haha I cant help it.. but you're so much better thn me on that -.- N I always get cranky at you... But I cant stay cranky at you, you're to cute <3


Här i kungsträdgården finns det pojkar som gör mig så glad
Du är det sexigaste jag har sett på många, många dar
Jag tycker om dig, hoppas du tycker om mig
Och kanske du vill sova över hos mig

Lilla hjärtat, jag tänder så på dig, jag vill så gärna ha sex med dig
Lilla hjärtat, jag tänder så på dig, jag vill så gärna ha sex med dig

Känner mig så osäker när jag är i ditt sällskap
Vad säger man till en person som dig, som på alla sätt är bra
Jag tycker om dig, hoppas du tycker om mig
Och kanske du vill sova över hos mig

Lilla hjärtat, jag tänder så på dig, jag vill så gärna ha sex med dig
Lilla hjärtat, jag tänder så på dig, jag vill så gärna ha sex med dig

I SOO love that song ;D I've fallen in love with it, end of story ^^ <333

Well.. had a blast yesterday with Nils ;D He went away for sum chick whom he didnt wanna meet but she called n bugged him so he went away ;D But thn he came bk, haha. It was rly fun... he went upstairs n went through my closet.... n he went round wearin my sweaters... rly nice XD haha N so he sat in my lap like, a very long time... haha. But at like 1 mum said I'd to go from the comp, so he went to ma bro's room n I went to bed, talkin to Joakim at the phone XD Thn David called me at like 2, but I didnt wanna answere, I jus shut ma phone off (A) xD haha AAANGEEEL <33 Now I've been talkin to Joakim at the phone so mum's startin to get cranky ^^ Well I cant help it that I love his voice (A)
Anyways, I was with Valentina yesterday <3 It was rly great, it was a RLY long time since we hung out <3 We'd like LOADS to talk bout ! XD haha omg, dont think we ever shut up :P Me <3 Girltalk ;
2daz has been a boring day.... :/ Only gd thing I've done is talkin to Joakim on the phone ;D haha. While he was cleanin his room.. seriously, havnt heared any1 who cleans more fun thn he does XD haha I laughed all the time... <3
Well Im off now, Joakim called again ;D byebyes <3                                                   Colt <3
Love you all, fucks to Marc ;) Rawr <3

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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