Fort ruins.

We went to sum cool fort ruins on sum moutain in the neighbourhood. It was rly cool n so there were LOADS of stones n there was trees everywhere n high grass n sum raspberries n wild strawberries :D *yummie* N so you could see the house we live in from over there n we found this rly old tree (who I took a pic of so Im gon put it up here) n every1 started to throw stones at it, tryin to break the biggest branch :D It was fun, tho it was like Smooookin hot so I went n like took clothes of all the time ;D Tho it was a quick visit but fun, havnt done so much the rest of the day lols... There's not that much to do here so... Longing for 2moz whn we'll prolly get our arses to Sthlm :)

Well aye, I'll prolly get away from the comp b4 mum'll get more fucked up on me thn she only have.. Stupid bitch. She gets cranky jus bcs I sit by the comp... N thn my bro comes with this FUCKED UP stupid idea, Mum you know what I think ?... 2moz we'll put away the comp so that NO1 can sit ... WTF ?!?! ARE YOU TOTALLY ÌNSANE !? motherfucker ! Jus bcs you dont have anythin to do by the comp ! Jus bcs you dont have any friends who missed you n wanna chat with you n so on... STUPID FUCK ! I sooo wanna kill that fucker !!

Well Im off now.... Now dad n his bro's startin to sing XD hahahah that NEVER happens, lols !! hahah
Well okey, im off now... I love you forever n ever stupid fucks XD Miss you all like CRAZY n I sOOOO wanna go home <333

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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