Allright, well . . another day :) Im tired as hell ;D Got home at like, 3 sumthin. . . Didnt want to make mum mad again, since she got mad whn I arrived at half past 4 once haha, so I ought I'd get home earlier. . I was with Andreas, walkin round n lookin for sumthin to do.. . Tho we didnt find anythin at all after like 3 hours of constant walkin.. . zZzZzZz. . . N so my foot hurts like FUCK 2daz. . . Feel like I wanna cut it if to get rid of the pain like. Why the fuck did I have to sprain my ankle at all.. Btw that was ages ago ! Wont it ever heal?!  Well. . .I havnt exactly. . been carefull (A) But I cant help I dont like to sittin still all the fuckin time. . ;D I've been jumpin this jumpin matress at Andreas house, (A), it's sooo fun ;D Well aye, so I have to deal with all the pain n sufferin ! Okey, mebe I over did that one a little bit ;D I need sum compassion :') Aiight, I'll stop this whimperin now, doesnt suite me (as well as it might suite Marc, wohahah, crybaby ^^ ).

2daz, mum n dad've started to clean the house n do all the laundry. . It's a sign that we're soon goin away.. N so mum said we're packin the trailer 2moz, so we're RLY goin thn :) Well I aint that pleased of it.. yet, since Sis isnt home yet :'( COME HOME !! I have to see you b4 I leave orelse I'll go balunee ;D Well seriously, I'll not manage the ENTIRE summer without seein you, cant you get that. . . You're my better half, I HAVE to see you once in a while. . . Orelse I'll get lost to the dark side or sumthin ;D You'll never know ;P
Anyways, come home so I can hug you for ages n so I can go away on vacation, sane ! :D
                                       Without you - Insane  ,            With you - Sane

Well thn, do I have to go away on vacation mad at you? I cant help getttin mad at you whn I dont hear from you n whn you're startin to keep things from me. .  It's not my fault, I believe in trust hunny, TRUST, how do I know I can trust you if you're not tellin me everything..  N now I havnt heard from you anything at all... Why dont you txt me n ASK me to call you. If you dont wanna waste money on your phone (I get you, I do, Im in guilt for havnin you waste all that money on me) so jus txt me n I'll call YOU. I dont care bout my money, havnt wasted as much money on you as you've on me so if anything I owe you. N so I dont give a damn, what does money mean if I love you, huh? Well anyways, I hope I'll hear from yah.. Dont feel like tellin you Im leavin since it feels like you're not gon care... Why would yah, now you've weeks n weeks to not think of me but to think bout your ex. . . Sigh, okey I have to stop thinkin like this. Over n out with you. Im leavin it to it's destiny :) I love you anyways <3

Wohahahah, okey now mum n dad came home :P Startin the daily routine of complainin bout my comp sittin, bla bla bla bla. . . :P Retards, I have to sit now bcs I'll not be sittin as much later on. . . Tho dad's a portable comp he'll bring, so I wont be TOTALLY out of your picture. .  You cant get rid of me THAT easily ;)

I've found a new favorite word tho ;D Vacancy. Seriously, dont you hear. . it jus speaks to yah, VACANCY :P I have no vacancy left in my heart, it's filled with Joakim n Nicitha <3 Cuz you two're my everything :$

Hahahaha, lmao, I helped mum hang the laundry n so she looked in my pocket n was like "what to you have here thn. . money?" n she pulled out sum money outta my pocket, n I was like, "So you wash money now ? ^^" N I took the money n hung it on the clothesline n I shouted at dad like "Dad come over here n look what mum's doin ! ;D" n he came n I said "Look, she's washin money ;O" N he jus lauged n said "Lucky thing no1 sees you thn". N mum said "It's not mine, it's you daughter's drug money she got from wanderin off last night. . ."
There's sumthin seriously wrong with my parents, byt hey, no1's perfect so I love them ;D <33

Well now mum's rly complainin, so I better get off the comp thn ;D Love y'all <33

Solitude * Vacancy <3

Postat av: sis<3

lmao! drug money ftw;) lmao..haha gotta love ya parenets;

2007-07-10 @ 13:27:59

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