Another day ! Luckely mum hadnt unplugged the internet cable, so Im all in 2daz too ;D *JOY*

The night was awful ! I couldnt sleep ! It sucked, omg. . . I read first for like sum hours, thn I tried to sleep but I couldnt. . . It was too hot, it was too cold, it was too bright n everything was jus wrong ! I couldnt stop thinkin bout yah either, I dunno why. .  It felt like I jus wanted to run down to yah n tell you "I love you" like a million times. . . It felt wierd, so at 00.00 I desided to write it to yah in a txt msg, so I did :) Havnt got an answere yet tho, why wont you return my txt msgs? I wrote yah two yesterday n you didnt answere those either. Is it sumthing wrong with your phone ? Sure as hell hopes so, it'll kill me if you're jus ignorin my msgs. But okey, you called me yesterday so I shouldnt be mad at you, I cant be mad at you. . You mean to much to me :) Anyways, I have no idea whn I at last fell asleep, but it felt like the time was like.. 3, 4 or sumthing. . . stupid "not be able to sleep" feelin. . I hate whn it happens. .  grr, n I couldnt continue readin the book cuz it was too scary ;D hahaha Cant help it, it got rly warm whn I read it the first time since I had to use all my pillows n quilts that I had in the bed ;D But hey, it's a gd book :) "Lord of the flies", horrible movie, omg. . So I had to read the book, it's accually in english too :) I was at the library sum days ago n lended sum english books for entertainment this summer :) So I kinda walk round thinkin in english ;D haha Well I dont mind :P hahah btw, another thing, it was rly funny whn I woke up :P I think I'd dreamt that I'd woke up, turned on the phone n looked at the clock who'd been 02.42 n thn fallen alseep again. . So whn I woke up  I started to look after my phone since I thought it'd happened irl but I couldnt find it, thn I looked where I put it b4 I got to bed n there it was, off ;D that was scary, since it felt sooo rl whn I'd dreamt it ;D Well aye, wierd things happens ^^

You dont believe that the fuckin power would go off whn I go seated by the comp -.- FUCKIN SHIT ! I'd got seated n logged in everywhere n so I went to get my phone on the bed n the whole fuckin house turn black -.- I almost smashed the phone in the wall. . . omg, it was the worst 15mins of my entire life, I bet yah ! I'd nothin to do. . . I jus prayed that the battery on my phone would hold until the power'd got back ;D haha God im sad. . . Seriously I have no life :D
Well anyways, Im starvin now. .  better get sumthing to eat b4 I'll die... Well, like there'll be sum lost for the world ^^ wohahaha, sry had to say it (A) Okey, now I'll go get sumthing to eat. I play you a song while Im gone, enjoy. . .

if i held my ground would you ask me to change
this drought bleeds on now were dancing for rain
we drink the air but its still not the same
these worlds colide but the distance remains
we point the finger, never accept the blame and i know.. i know

you've let me try but i'm still breathing
i swear i'm sucking dry the sky
and you wont ever find us kneeling
or swollowing your lies

                                                            Rise Against - Dancing For Rain <3

So okey, gd song aye? ;D I love it, you can think whatever :P Well I've got a bowl with yoghurt n raspberries ! NEAT <3 It's sooo gd, yah cant imagine :)
It still bothers me that I cant use the left, center, right thingy on ma blogs -.-' I rly would like to have that, it's workin ma nervs rly. . . Well that's sumthing I have to deal with, among many other things here in life. .

I wonder what I'll be doin 2daz, the weather is. . .  not that great. My friends are all workin n sis' not even in the same town ! Oh gee, whatta life I have ;P Well. .  I'll jus lay n finnish my book ;D I rly wanted to read it through yesterday but I couldnt manage it in the dark ;D HAHAH Have to continue readin it 2daz, wanna know what comes nxt. . Tho I know that since I've seen the movie :P but anyways :) I say "anyways" pretty much dont I ^o) Well I think it's a gd word ^^ Not my fault :P it suits in jus everywhere ^^

Well okey, I think I'll end it here, orelse I wont manage to read it through sum other time ;D Have to stop writin so darn long blogs, I dunno, whn I get started it all jus comes to me n I write whatever pops up in ma brain like. . it bothers me ;D well anyways, hahah, you'll hear from me later on 2daz prolly ;P Music FTW <3

Solitude <3


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