It's pretty cool ;D That the date is 07.07.07. . . I know, Im easely entertained ^^ Not my fault, tho it has it's benefits :)

Okey, I've been thinkin 2daz, *shocker* haha, n I came forwards to that.. I love my family ;D Seriously, it's the best ever... They're the most fun ppl in the world n we can joke with eachother 24/7 n no1 cares ;D Like 2daz, mum's wearin this garment whish looks like you're wearin a sweater ontop of an shirt. . n dad jus makes fun of her sayin she looks like an air hostess :P N he goes round sayin, "tea? tea any1?" n jus make fun of her ;D N it's sooo darn funny, hahaha. I've jus been sittin with them playin cards n messin round with every1, haha. N dad's sittin there, thinkin he's king, photographin with his new phone, stupid :D N mum jus sits, singin on this stupid swedish song called "once upon a time there was a bird". . haha lmao, jus sum stupid techno song, pretty gd accually but nvm :P Now me n dad's jus messin round seein whom plays the loudest music ^^ Ordinary thing among this family, me n dad always completes bout that :P
Anyways, I've been burnin out sum CD's 2daz as well :D It was cool, dad'd bought sum empty CD's :) So I burned one to him n 4 for me XD fair doos ^^ Wohahaha, I won the music war with dad :D He send me an txt on my phone XD hahahahah. My family in a nutshell, they always txt me whn Im by the comp cuz they've lernt I dont hear anything whn they shout ^^

Anyways, Im off beein with Andreas soon I think.  . He wanted to be with me :) Tho he dunno what we should do yet.. lmao, didnt feel like beein with any1 if they dont know what we should do :P I hate that, beein with sum1 jus sittin doin nothing. . haha.

Wohahaha, yeah I have to do this italics (PMSL, cant still get that's the name for "kursiv" in english.) writin too :D

Okey so I should be pleased, you sent me txt msgs 2daz. .. But it feels wrong. . . You were goin away on vacation whish you'd never told me ;O You tell me EVERYTHING ! How come you havnt told me that?! But you jus sent me sum txt msgs thn yah stoped. . I wonder whn yah get bk, n what you're doin. . Bet I wont hear from yah till you get bk. . . You prolly call your ex or sumthing. . . :/ How do I know if you like me if you act all strange all the freckin time. . </3333

Im with Andreas now.. he's here. . Fuckin EEJIT XD omg. .  Im laughin my arse off, pmsl. . .

Anyways, Im over n out now :D love y'all<333



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