Sum things can jus drive me INSANE ! I dont get it.. what it is with ppl and changes ?! Why cant they accept whn you wanna change n jus.. back you up ?? What is it with changes that's so bad ?.. why cant I be what I want n you can jus say that it's gd for me that I can be like I wanna be n not like everybody else n what they want me to be ? Why hate me whn I dare to be myself ?.... not wierd that the world is like this......

Ppl're not BORN into what they are or how they dress.. you're not BORN a skater, you're not BORN a doctor or a bitch or a dentist or whatever.. it's sumthin you BECOME for cryin out load ! you cant deside how ppl should be, you cant say "thats not you" cuz you know what, PEOPLE CHANGE !!! For fuck sake ppl ! What's wrong with you ?! If you treat ppl like this n tell them what they should dress like, what they should say, what they should be like n what they should do it's not WIERD that the world's fucked up. It's not strange if everybody dress the same whn you TELL them it's like this you MUST look like for ppl (themself) to like you...

I jus found out that my cousin would "cut the strings" if I became emo.. wtf is that ?  . . . so you mean, that our family thing doesnt mean anything for you ? that you rather ignore your own cousin, thn know an emo ?.. you know dude, that's sick... if you rly cared for me as my cousin, you wouldnt bother, you would support me... But okey, is that how you feel.. thn fine, spit on me, I dont care, I do as I like !

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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