Twisch twisch..

Allright.. yesterday was fun ! :D I went to town with Ante at like.. 21:00.. ? Cuz I wanted to see the band "farfars fågel" play ;D haha They're cool.. ^^ N thn.. I met Jonas from my class, so we talked n watshed the band n he complained that they sucked ;D feackin arse.. they dont suck, they're cool ;D Well anyways.. whn they'd played.. there was not much to do .. haha it was sum chick who started to read poems... o.O ....... dude, seriously ? We've jus heard a kinda rockband n you wanna read us poetry?... o.O... Well sum ppl jus, got droped whn they were born...

"SADLY" the poetry stoped n another rockband, from our town, started to play.. They.. erhm.. Okey lets put it this way, I like rock but dudes.. ? That was.. I could handle the music but the voicals? They should've had more WORDS n more like, growl.. that'd been cool (: Anyways, I didnt bother since I met Anna, her bf n sum other ppl (: She stayed for a chat n so they wanted us to come along, so we did (: But Jonas'd left us by thn for a guy namned Johannes... *faggot* what, did I say anything? ... (A)

Anyways.. we followed them to this girl's bf's apartment.. or whatever you call it ^o) it was like.. up in the attic.. I jus put it like this, I wouldnt wanna live there if I were drunk XD the staires wasnt, how should I put it... drunky gentle XD Well.. we didnt stay there that long since we went along n rode in Anna's bf's car (: it was cool, tho my window didnt work very well, so I didnt see that much ! MY LUCK! anyways.. I saw CK in his faggot epa.. Wanted to spit at it but he was to far ahead... *puke*

After sum hour of drivin we jumped out n head along to the centre.. it SUCKED there so I called Manda, who'd called me b4 n said she jus haaad to see me... ^o) erhm,, oks ?.. n she was takin a pee whn I called ^o) In sum forest ^o) by our school ^o)
................ o.O ........................... anyways.. I said I was walkin towards the busstation n she said she was gon come n meet me.....  but 10seconds after I'd hung up she called again.. "heey, erhm.. where did you say you were again? I forgot... ;D" Well aye, we finally met n she was, whats the word?.. aye, DRUNK! So I looked after her n we went n met sum other ppl n her bf n shit... n we lost Ante n her bf, thn Ante came n so Mange, her bf, had been taken by the police... ;S Thn Hanna puked, at my pants... NICE ! NOT ! well well.. no harm done (: so they sent Hanna home n we split up n me n Ante followed Manda home n thn I went home n sat by the comp (:

Anyways.. it was a nice night (: N I hope 2night'll get even better !! <3 *hoping that it wont rain* I love rain but dude, not whn I'm newly showered n Im in town n there's like 20min home ;D 

IT'S COLD! Im freezin myself to death down here... *brrrrr..* My fingers almost get stuck on the keytable Ö: NOT.. haha Aye, damnit.. Im s'pose to write Philip an poem.. I totaly forgot.. haha I always forget that ;P I need better memorie.. anyways, Im not in a "write poems" kinda mood.. I accually feel great XD *the intresse club's takin notes* NAAT.. yeah yeah, cant fail in everythin here on earth, can I ... ;D erhm, lets proceed....


Jag Älskar Dig <3

Marc babes, hope everythin's alright n that I'll see you soon <3

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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