Okey.. I'll prolly be off to bed RLY soon.. But I jus felt like writin a blog ;O I dunno why I jus felt this need... Oh god Im so cold, it's like freezin outside n shit.. Well I've been in the city now n been walkin round, huggin ppl n talkin alot.. Met alot of ppl, first person I met was Jonas, shocker ^^ haha I see him everywhere... it was pretty fun cuz I went round sayin I was in love with him... thn Maja thought we were a couple XD haha lmao... anways, I wouldnt mind I think.. he's pretty gdlookin.. not very my type tho, I think... but hey, he doesnt always have to be my "type"... Saw alot of HOOOT guys out 2night... Johan Cederlund were in town ;) *RAWR* <3 He went round alot, not strange that he's such a great shape as he ran round... damn <3 I didnt mind, jus made me feel so much better seein that ass walkin all over the place... Wouldnt mind if it had walked all over me Ö: hahaha <3 well well.. the night went on great n I met Manda n her bf n sum of their friends n I got hugs n so on... n thn my friend Maja's cousin Emma got jumped on n so she'd to go to the hospital.. but she's alright now (: luckely... well in big draws, the night was cool (: I saw M.J too... daaamn <3 anyways, I hope I'll be with Nic n Marc sum day.. ??! But I dunno, we'll jus see how it turns out.. Im off to bed now so.. I'll say good night n sweet dream <3 LOVE YOU FOREVER MY FRIENDS <3<3<3<3 through sickness and health 'til death do us part <3

I seriously dont give a FUCK what you do anymore. and it feels GREAT. I dont care if you dont call and I dont care if you dont write. I jus dont give a fuck ! If you wanna live your life through like this, without me. FINE, your lose n end of storie. I like you no matter what but I wont love you forever. jus call me whn you care. Im jus gon sleep now and *yawn* thn 2moz, I'll live my life as I always does .. Forever in my life <3

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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