Another day.................... I have nothing to write. I've lost my ability to .. I dunno, not to think but to... ? To get thoughts into words, or sumthin.. ;S See.. I vant even get the bloody explanation down in words.. Im patetic... Im TIRED n Im EXHAUSTED n Im IN PAIN n Im LONGING FOR ANTE ;O But he's in Lse now so.. He's jus goin home n thn I can be with him (: Neat.. Anyways... 1 day at work left *YAAAY* Thn there's byebye hard work n hello money (: Feels great, to have acomplished SUMTHIN this summer but more fat -.-


I say I don't care, but who'm I fooling...
It's tearing me apart....

Well Im off to Ante now !! :D So I'll be off for now. LOVE YOU ALL <33
Fucks to you Marc, you whore ;)

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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