Well oks.. erhm.. (A) haha yesterday... party at Manda's... or the party only stayed at Manda's for like 20mins or drinking.. I arrived to Manda at like.. half past 6.. thn she n C. went to get sum booze n so E. came n after a while they came n so J. arrived as well... they started drinkin n so after like 20min E. said she's alone at home, except from her bro... so we went over to her n continued drinkin... n yeah, her bro was like.. what do I call it... aye, HOT! n so we played load music n had a blast, we smoked n drank n so... thn her bro n his friend picked up a waterpipe that they started to smoke.. He could do smokerings.. it was pretty cool ;O N so sum played Twister n I jus went round photographin everythin :D But around like.. 12 or sumthin, I jus fel like I've smoked WAAY to much n I got rrlllyyy nauseous... ;S So I'd to go n lay down for a while.. n so J. came n .. I dunno, make sure I would puke Xp n so A. came n hit me on my stomach -.-' Feackin arse ! I almost puked at him... Well anyways.. later on I felt rly great :D n so I went outside to the guys, includin E.'s bro.. (A) hahahah n so I stood there watshin M. smoke his arse off.. Oh my gosch...;D haha well well.. at like 1 or sumthin we'd to go out coz E. wanted to get better  n clean sum up.. thn we, M. M. A. J. n me, went to Statoil.. they wanted to eat.. -.-'' There we met sum guys, includin E.'s bro XD hahaha Sry I cant help it (A) thn we went n got C. n thn we went home to M. n so me n A. started to walk home... n so I arrived home at like.. sumtime over 2.. (: Thn I jus cleaned up n went to bed !! <3

It was a GREAT night actually :D I'd rl fun n I tried smoke waterpipe for the first time ;O haha Jus not gonna drink n smoke that much at the same time.... I wonder what Im off to do 2daz... I could be with Nic n Marc but I dunno what they're gon do 2daz... N I rly feel I've to shower actually.. well well.. we'll see how everythin works out.. I'm off from the blog now.. LOVE YOU ALL <333

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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