New hair.

Okey.. pretty long time since I wrote last.. it's not like me.. ;O Well I dont have TIME anymore... ;( it sucks.. I have to do homework n like.. hang out with Nils XD hahahah Well aye.. that's what I did yesterday :P Except from the homework.. I didnt do any.. I got stuck n so I called Joakim instead XD haha well 2daz I rly have to do homework... I have to catch up.... haha I dont do that much on my lessons (A) haha

I have a problem... What if I LIKE you... like, like like you... ;S Never thought bout that actually... I jus... I jus thought you were hot at first.. but Now I can stop lookin at you ! ;O I cant stop .. stalkin you XD hahah sry hun but it's true :P I cant stop searchin for you everywhere n stare at you XD Im a stare person (A) But I dunno what I rly feel for you other thn that you're hot XD but aye... I dont rly care atm... But YOU stare too... So I dunno WHAT to think ;S You make me confused... What do you want from me ? . . . . Well aye... do whatever you like, until that you're only Eyecandy for me :D

Other thn that I think it's all cool... (: Everthin's workin alright n I dont feel depressed n I dont wanna die ;D hahah progress ^^ well aye.. bet it'll soon turn :P But hey, lets jus enjoy it until that happends... lets jus enjoy my happiness while it lasts :D And yeah ! I've colored my hair !!! I and LOVE iiiit... It's ALMOST black now (: I'll jus take it in steps.. bet it'll be black in the end ;D

Over n out now, gon to ignore Joakim for fun sake *EVIL* LOVE YOU ALL <3<3<3<3

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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