I'm not talking first.

Babe, now you're jus beein an eejit ! I was jus JOKIN with you ! You mess round with me 24/7, seriously, you cant mean you rly got cranky bout that ! Thn you're rly childish ! I was jus kiddin, you have nothin to get MAD bout ! It rly pisses me off like ! Had a hard time sleepin 2night jus bcs I was so angry with you i couldnt focus on sleepin ... I got so angry with you I took of the bracelet  with your name on n threw it on the sofa.. -.- N so it was the first thing I saw whn I woke up 2daz n so it pissed me of again ! >.<
Sum things can jus drive me mad ! You still got nothin to be mad bout .. You've been able to take jokes b4 ! IM the one who use to get mad ! Jus bcs you never do whn I joke with you -.- So that's no fun... You cant mean you're talkin all that out now, on this silly thing.. I've seriously joked bout more .. I dunno, bad things? OOHH !! Im so off thinkin bout this now, it jus drives me insane !
Can you love some one you totaly hate for the moment ? Well.. In that case, I love you <3

Okey.. new day....  not very givin.. I hate this !! It sucks ! Seriously, I have totaly nothin to do ! I have no friends !! It feels RLLYY bad.. I need to move or sumthin.. change, so that ppl will give me a second change? I dunno.. I jus feel like changin right now.. Everythin jus feels so.. I dunno, wierd? I jus wanna go away n start fresh or sumthin... Own apartment, new school, new neighbourhood, new city, new ppl... new life... Where no1 knows anythin bout me.. A place where I can be me without any1 havin prejudicies bout me from like.. gossip n shit.. It would be great <3

Tiny heart
Stuck inside yourself
When will you open up.....

I jus found out bout a thing.. Marianne called n aye.. I HAVE A JOHOB I HAVE A JOHOB !! XD God Im happy now Xp I'm gon earn sum money ;) It feels nice :) Well aye, hope the happiness lasts :D
Love you all <333 N fucks to Marc, since Im in a gd mood Xp

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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