Hot, hot, hot.

Im cookin !! It's boilin hot in our basement ! (Might be cuz Im here Ö: ... haha) That never happens... our basement's ALWAYS like.. freeeeezin... you could like, walk down the stairs n .. your feets could get stuck on the steps cuz it's so cold.. or sumthin ^o) But not 2daz.. GOD I must be hot atm, damn... Ö: HAHA not....

Well okey, was fun beein with you yesterday babes <3 It was fun, I love beein with you. To bad it doesnt happen that often Ö: haha love you forever and ever &it;3 &it;3 &it;3 &it;3 &it;3 &it;3 &it;3 &it;3

2daz.. I've done... well, nothing at all... Well i've been eatin, got fater, prolly... n I've watshed Fantastic 4 the rise of the silver surfer, or what it's called... I'd seen almost the entire film last time but thn the comp, who prolly loves me so much, died.... So I couldnt watsh the end... Well I've seen it now n it was rly gd (: n after that I watshed Van The Man with dad cuz he hadnt seen it... Well I might have seen it, what... 4 times now ? XD Seriously.. it's that gd ^^ I've to see the second film... (: Bout that, might should download it now.. God Im smart ^^


Han kommer hem, jag smyger ut
Han kysser hon som sög min AH
Han sätter sig vid samma bord
Där jag nyss stod och tog hon bakifrån
För är det så det ska va?
Ja svara "Ja de är klart"
För har han ingen tid för henne
Struntar hur hon känner
Då får han skylla sig själv !

                                                         Byz- Jag Smyger Ut <3

I wonder what  I should do now.. I have absolutly nothing to do... I dont wanna think bout school, it's prolly loads of things I should do b4 I start... But Im not a "studdy on my vacation" kinda person... Only thing I could studdy on ma vacation's english ^^ haha Seriously.. I cant mess english up this year AT ALL.. nothing can go wrong.. I wont matter what happens.. Im so gettin the highest grade this year.. end of storie.. haha


What can I do when nothing walks my way
When words just stumples and I have nothing to say

What can I do when your words whispers in my ear
I'm trying to listen bit it's only your voice I hear

Broken footsteps, overflowing with blood
Happy moments, drowning in mud

Sixteen pistols poiting at me
Is it my time to die, finally?

The thoughts of you will never go
The words of saying, I love you so

The evilness in my painfull mind
I've lost my vision 'cause love's made me blind

With no eyes to look and your voice in my head
It's hard to throw away the pillow and get out of bed

When trouble follows you around and you have no turning back
Where should you go so you won't be at lack

Where should I turn, when all I want is you
Where should I go, when my cure doesn't want me too

Quoting Van The Man; Sometimes you just have to go where your heart leads you, even tho it's a place you're not suppose to be.

(( He said that while standing in the ladies dressingroom.. and the following line goes like this, said by the girl whom he was talking to; And how often do your heart leads you to the ladies dressingroom ? ;)
Smart girl, wohahaha (: ))

Solitude * Vacanacy <3


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