First day of work.

Okey thn.. my first work day this summer starts in like 30min.. It's bad weather outside n I jus feel in a bad mood whn it's bad weather n grey outside.. Well, I jus have to put my best shine on n smile :P Lets hope I dont have anythin between my teeths.. god how embarrassing.... ;D Well aye, I bet I'll manage it.. :) Im gon try n keep ma mood up 2daz! Bet I'll make it, since Marianne seems like the nicest ladie :D

I dont manage to think of you.. THo it's pretty hard atm since Im on the åone with you ;D But anyways.. Im so off thinkin of you n so on.. I feel like a bitch whn I bother you all te time with these stupid things like, whn you dont answere my txts n whn you dont write to me n whn you dont call n whn you're with certain ppl... Im not your gf n you're not my bf so I dont rly have the permission to care ;D Well.. Im off that now.. It jus brings me down n makes me wanna kill myself, so I bet it doesnt have a very gd impression on me ;D
- Jag Älskar Dig <3

What gives you the permission to judge me ?...


When love holds you down
And pain makes you glad
You're starting to wonder
What really makes you sad

If I fall in love
With one certain guy
He wont love me back
And it'll make me cry

So what I should do
To clear the mist
I should pick up a knife
And cut my wrist..

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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