Can't take this.

Okey.. Im so off thinkin of love... Im so off botherin bout anythin that matters n anythin that doesnt.. I dont wanna bother bout anything anymore ... Why does ma life anways take these wierd n hard ways thru life.. Why cant I get a beautiful n easy way... An small road... Jus made for me n ma life.. with no obstacles n no trafic... But Nooo.. send Marlene to the freackin big city n put her in sum major trafic jam... Very ma luck...
Noo... Im jus gon to put my arse on the nxt elevator down to hell...... that'll do <3


It's not my fault I like you
It's not my fault I am me
I have nothing at all to do
With how everything turned out to be

I have nothing to do with your glow
I have nothing to do with your smile
It's just certanly not my fault
That you are just my style

What should I do to make you shine
What should I do to make you see
That even tho you dont wanna be mine
I'll always want you here with me <3

And don't judge me from what I say or do
'Cause it's really not my fault I like you...

                                                      "Fucking" - When loving her just isn't enough.

                                    Trust me on this one, I bet she'll suck SOMETHING outta you.

                                                        Ease my pain.
                                                       Pull the trigger.

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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