Almost weekend.

Well thn ! Almost weekend.. I've almost made it through an entire week of school.. feels nice ! I've a pretty neat schedule actually (: Well anyways.. Im not gon look to happy since I might get sum rly big trouble later on..  What, I dunno, but Im sure sumthin'll pop up.. well thn.. I love my english teacher.. she seems cool :P I LOVE english now so darn much.. (: n so we've a better french teacher *YAY* I so dont miss Wivianne... wohahah.. :P anyways.. I've to talk to a guy bout my schedule a bit.. Need to change it I think.. have to think sumthin thru n we'll see how I work that out..

OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD... I so love guys.. they're soo hot.. I cant rly believe it.. WOHA ! <3 Well well... I think it's better if I stay single and look at them? Cuz.. if I would get a boyfriend... he would get RLY jealous cuz seriously... Jus bcs I get a boyfriend.. the other guys wont get less hot ;D hahaha So.. well still.. it would be nice to have sum1 ^^ anyways.. nvm XD

Well well.. okey, thn it's parteey at Manda's 2moz ... could be fun.. :P or it could be jus as every other party they have.. that it ends up with Mange n Manda's fightin n I've to go with Manda n jus.. I dunno, walk.. well I sure as hell hope not cuz god knows I'll go home ! ^^

School's okey.. actually.. I dunno what expectations I have... I jus wake up every morning, takin the day as it comes (: It's for the best.. tho I have to remeber to practise at my homework (A) haha I'm so bad at that... you see, I 've like.. what, 4-5 homework alrdy n I sit here n I've plant to partey 2moz ;D Im such a gd school girl :P NOT

And yeah ! Nice to see you Marc ! I cant get how fun it is to actually bull you.. it's like.. the funniest ever ;D Im sry I cant help it, it's in ma nature you know :P Anyways, hope I'll see you again b4 you leave.. it would feel very bad otherwise... since you've been here for sum time :P Anyways, fucks to you.. ^^

Solitude * Vacancy <3


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