Last for 2daz.

Okey, this addiction rly start to annoy me now ;D haha
I have to stop this, I have to put limits ! One blog/day ! NO more, no less, woahaha ;D
Well I think it might not be any 2moz, since mum jus told me I couldnt sit 2moz since I've been sittin to much 2daz. . . *dow* What kinda crap is that?! There's nothing as "too much computer sittin", why cant growups see that ? They're blind, or they dont wanna see.. Pick an oppsion. . Well anyways, I thought I'll jus write one more 2daz n I've made up for 3 days so, enjoy these it might not come anymore for some days :P

Im leavin nxt week, for a couple of weeks I think. . . campin trip with the family, neat :) I long for it, many gd looks guys n stuff ;D wohahaha. . I have to stop talkin to Marc, this "wohahaha" thing is goin to ma head ;D haha It's all your fault !! :P You evil lesbien women :D Anyways, campin trip with the family is gd, jus enjoy life n go into every store ever made ;D haha Naaaat :P Not much of an shoppin person :P I like jus walkin round THINKIN I might shop sumthin :P Much cheaper too ;D

Glad you called at last <3 Was worried there for a while that you'd forgotten bout me. Sure hope you never will. Cuz I sure as hell will never forget you, i love you to the bitter end babe <3 Hope we meet this summer or b4 the end of the year anyways, either way I'll be the happiest person in the world, even if I dont get to meet you this year. I've got to know you n I love you n I can live on that forever n ever. You'll always be my golden star on my heaven <3

I'll jump n shout whn I see you ;D This is killin me, not seen you for weeks.. It cant happen again. . I'll die thn, I love you till forever do us part (L) You're my better half, couldnt make this life without you. I LOVE YOU <3

Well aiight, Im over n out now :) Going upstairs, or to bed, whatever :) Love y'all who means the most to me, you know who you are, glad I have you <3

Solitude <3


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