New hair.

Okey.. pretty long time since I wrote last.. it's not like me.. ;O Well I dont have TIME anymore... ;( it sucks.. I have to do homework n like.. hang out with Nils XD hahahah Well aye.. that's what I did yesterday :P Except from the homework.. I didnt do any.. I got stuck n so I called Joakim instead XD haha well 2daz I rly have to do homework... I have to catch up.... haha I dont do that much on my lessons (A) haha

I have a problem... What if I LIKE you... like, like like you... ;S Never thought bout that actually... I jus... I jus thought you were hot at first.. but Now I can stop lookin at you ! ;O I cant stop .. stalkin you XD hahah sry hun but it's true :P I cant stop searchin for you everywhere n stare at you XD Im a stare person (A) But I dunno what I rly feel for you other thn that you're hot XD but aye... I dont rly care atm... But YOU stare too... So I dunno WHAT to think ;S You make me confused... What do you want from me ? . . . . Well aye... do whatever you like, until that you're only Eyecandy for me :D

Other thn that I think it's all cool... (: Everthin's workin alright n I dont feel depressed n I dont wanna die ;D hahah progress ^^ well aye.. bet it'll soon turn :P But hey, lets jus enjoy it until that happends... lets jus enjoy my happiness while it lasts :D And yeah ! I've colored my hair !!! I and LOVE iiiit... It's ALMOST black now (: I'll jus take it in steps.. bet it'll be black in the end ;D

Over n out now, gon to ignore Joakim for fun sake *EVIL* LOVE YOU ALL <3<3<3<3

Solitude * Vacancy <3


Well oks.. erhm.. (A) haha yesterday... party at Manda's... or the party only stayed at Manda's for like 20mins or drinking.. I arrived to Manda at like.. half past 6.. thn she n C. went to get sum booze n so E. came n after a while they came n so J. arrived as well... they started drinkin n so after like 20min E. said she's alone at home, except from her bro... so we went over to her n continued drinkin... n yeah, her bro was like.. what do I call it... aye, HOT! n so we played load music n had a blast, we smoked n drank n so... thn her bro n his friend picked up a waterpipe that they started to smoke.. He could do smokerings.. it was pretty cool ;O N so sum played Twister n I jus went round photographin everythin :D But around like.. 12 or sumthin, I jus fel like I've smoked WAAY to much n I got rrlllyyy nauseous... ;S So I'd to go n lay down for a while.. n so J. came n .. I dunno, make sure I would puke Xp n so A. came n hit me on my stomach -.-' Feackin arse ! I almost puked at him... Well anyways.. later on I felt rly great :D n so I went outside to the guys, includin E.'s bro.. (A) hahahah n so I stood there watshin M. smoke his arse off.. Oh my gosch...;D haha well well.. at like 1 or sumthin we'd to go out coz E. wanted to get better  n clean sum up.. thn we, M. M. A. J. n me, went to Statoil.. they wanted to eat.. -.-'' There we met sum guys, includin E.'s bro XD hahaha Sry I cant help it (A) thn we went n got C. n thn we went home to M. n so me n A. started to walk home... n so I arrived home at like.. sumtime over 2.. (: Thn I jus cleaned up n went to bed !! <3

It was a GREAT night actually :D I'd rl fun n I tried smoke waterpipe for the first time ;O haha Jus not gonna drink n smoke that much at the same time.... I wonder what Im off to do 2daz... I could be with Nic n Marc but I dunno what they're gon do 2daz... N I rly feel I've to shower actually.. well well.. we'll see how everythin works out.. I'm off from the blog now.. LOVE YOU ALL <333

Solitude * Vacancy <3

Almost weekend.

Well thn ! Almost weekend.. I've almost made it through an entire week of school.. feels nice ! I've a pretty neat schedule actually (: Well anyways.. Im not gon look to happy since I might get sum rly big trouble later on..  What, I dunno, but Im sure sumthin'll pop up.. well thn.. I love my english teacher.. she seems cool :P I LOVE english now so darn much.. (: n so we've a better french teacher *YAY* I so dont miss Wivianne... wohahah.. :P anyways.. I've to talk to a guy bout my schedule a bit.. Need to change it I think.. have to think sumthin thru n we'll see how I work that out..

OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD... I so love guys.. they're soo hot.. I cant rly believe it.. WOHA ! <3 Well well... I think it's better if I stay single and look at them? Cuz.. if I would get a boyfriend... he would get RLY jealous cuz seriously... Jus bcs I get a boyfriend.. the other guys wont get less hot ;D hahaha So.. well still.. it would be nice to have sum1 ^^ anyways.. nvm XD

Well well.. okey, thn it's parteey at Manda's 2moz ... could be fun.. :P or it could be jus as every other party they have.. that it ends up with Mange n Manda's fightin n I've to go with Manda n jus.. I dunno, walk.. well I sure as hell hope not cuz god knows I'll go home ! ^^

School's okey.. actually.. I dunno what expectations I have... I jus wake up every morning, takin the day as it comes (: It's for the best.. tho I have to remeber to practise at my homework (A) haha I'm so bad at that... you see, I 've like.. what, 4-5 homework alrdy n I sit here n I've plant to partey 2moz ;D Im such a gd school girl :P NOT

And yeah ! Nice to see you Marc ! I cant get how fun it is to actually bull you.. it's like.. the funniest ever ;D Im sry I cant help it, it's in ma nature you know :P Anyways, hope I'll see you again b4 you leave.. it would feel very bad otherwise... since you've been here for sum time :P Anyways, fucks to you.. ^^

Solitude * Vacancy <3


Sum things can jus drive me INSANE ! I dont get it.. what it is with ppl and changes ?! Why cant they accept whn you wanna change n jus.. back you up ?? What is it with changes that's so bad ?.. why cant I be what I want n you can jus say that it's gd for me that I can be like I wanna be n not like everybody else n what they want me to be ? Why hate me whn I dare to be myself ?.... not wierd that the world is like this......

Ppl're not BORN into what they are or how they dress.. you're not BORN a skater, you're not BORN a doctor or a bitch or a dentist or whatever.. it's sumthin you BECOME for cryin out load ! you cant deside how ppl should be, you cant say "thats not you" cuz you know what, PEOPLE CHANGE !!! For fuck sake ppl ! What's wrong with you ?! If you treat ppl like this n tell them what they should dress like, what they should say, what they should be like n what they should do it's not WIERD that the world's fucked up. It's not strange if everybody dress the same whn you TELL them it's like this you MUST look like for ppl (themself) to like you...

I jus found out that my cousin would "cut the strings" if I became emo.. wtf is that ?  . . . so you mean, that our family thing doesnt mean anything for you ? that you rather ignore your own cousin, thn know an emo ?.. you know dude, that's sick... if you rly cared for me as my cousin, you wouldnt bother, you would support me... But okey, is that how you feel.. thn fine, spit on me, I dont care, I do as I like !

Solitude * Vacancy <3


Okey.. I'll prolly be off to bed RLY soon.. But I jus felt like writin a blog ;O I dunno why I jus felt this need... Oh god Im so cold, it's like freezin outside n shit.. Well I've been in the city now n been walkin round, huggin ppl n talkin alot.. Met alot of ppl, first person I met was Jonas, shocker ^^ haha I see him everywhere... it was pretty fun cuz I went round sayin I was in love with him... thn Maja thought we were a couple XD haha lmao... anways, I wouldnt mind I think.. he's pretty gdlookin.. not very my type tho, I think... but hey, he doesnt always have to be my "type"... Saw alot of HOOOT guys out 2night... Johan Cederlund were in town ;) *RAWR* <3 He went round alot, not strange that he's such a great shape as he ran round... damn <3 I didnt mind, jus made me feel so much better seein that ass walkin all over the place... Wouldnt mind if it had walked all over me Ö: hahaha <3 well well.. the night went on great n I met Manda n her bf n sum of their friends n I got hugs n so on... n thn my friend Maja's cousin Emma got jumped on n so she'd to go to the hospital.. but she's alright now (: luckely... well in big draws, the night was cool (: I saw M.J too... daaamn <3 anyways, I hope I'll be with Nic n Marc sum day.. ??! But I dunno, we'll jus see how it turns out.. Im off to bed now so.. I'll say good night n sweet dream <3 LOVE YOU FOREVER MY FRIENDS <3<3<3<3 through sickness and health 'til death do us part <3

I seriously dont give a FUCK what you do anymore. and it feels GREAT. I dont care if you dont call and I dont care if you dont write. I jus dont give a fuck ! If you wanna live your life through like this, without me. FINE, your lose n end of storie. I like you no matter what but I wont love you forever. jus call me whn you care. Im jus gon sleep now and *yawn* thn 2moz, I'll live my life as I always does .. Forever in my life <3

Solitude * Vacancy <3

Twisch twisch..

Allright.. yesterday was fun ! :D I went to town with Ante at like.. 21:00.. ? Cuz I wanted to see the band "farfars fågel" play ;D haha They're cool.. ^^ N thn.. I met Jonas from my class, so we talked n watshed the band n he complained that they sucked ;D feackin arse.. they dont suck, they're cool ;D Well anyways.. whn they'd played.. there was not much to do .. haha it was sum chick who started to read poems... o.O ....... dude, seriously ? We've jus heard a kinda rockband n you wanna read us poetry?... o.O... Well sum ppl jus, got droped whn they were born...

"SADLY" the poetry stoped n another rockband, from our town, started to play.. They.. erhm.. Okey lets put it this way, I like rock but dudes.. ? That was.. I could handle the music but the voicals? They should've had more WORDS n more like, growl.. that'd been cool (: Anyways, I didnt bother since I met Anna, her bf n sum other ppl (: She stayed for a chat n so they wanted us to come along, so we did (: But Jonas'd left us by thn for a guy namned Johannes... *faggot* what, did I say anything? ... (A)

Anyways.. we followed them to this girl's bf's apartment.. or whatever you call it ^o) it was like.. up in the attic.. I jus put it like this, I wouldnt wanna live there if I were drunk XD the staires wasnt, how should I put it... drunky gentle XD Well.. we didnt stay there that long since we went along n rode in Anna's bf's car (: it was cool, tho my window didnt work very well, so I didnt see that much ! MY LUCK! anyways.. I saw CK in his faggot epa.. Wanted to spit at it but he was to far ahead... *puke*

After sum hour of drivin we jumped out n head along to the centre.. it SUCKED there so I called Manda, who'd called me b4 n said she jus haaad to see me... ^o) erhm,, oks ?.. n she was takin a pee whn I called ^o) In sum forest ^o) by our school ^o)
................ o.O ........................... anyways.. I said I was walkin towards the busstation n she said she was gon come n meet me.....  but 10seconds after I'd hung up she called again.. "heey, erhm.. where did you say you were again? I forgot... ;D" Well aye, we finally met n she was, whats the word?.. aye, DRUNK! So I looked after her n we went n met sum other ppl n her bf n shit... n we lost Ante n her bf, thn Ante came n so Mange, her bf, had been taken by the police... ;S Thn Hanna puked, at my pants... NICE ! NOT ! well well.. no harm done (: so they sent Hanna home n we split up n me n Ante followed Manda home n thn I went home n sat by the comp (:

Anyways.. it was a nice night (: N I hope 2night'll get even better !! <3 *hoping that it wont rain* I love rain but dude, not whn I'm newly showered n Im in town n there's like 20min home ;D 

IT'S COLD! Im freezin myself to death down here... *brrrrr..* My fingers almost get stuck on the keytable Ö: NOT.. haha Aye, damnit.. Im s'pose to write Philip an poem.. I totaly forgot.. haha I always forget that ;P I need better memorie.. anyways, Im not in a "write poems" kinda mood.. I accually feel great XD *the intresse club's takin notes* NAAT.. yeah yeah, cant fail in everythin here on earth, can I ... ;D erhm, lets proceed....


Jag Älskar Dig <3

Marc babes, hope everythin's alright n that I'll see you soon <3

Solitude * Vacancy <3

Another day.................... I have nothing to write. I've lost my ability to .. I dunno, not to think but to... ? To get thoughts into words, or sumthin.. ;S See.. I vant even get the bloody explanation down in words.. Im patetic... Im TIRED n Im EXHAUSTED n Im IN PAIN n Im LONGING FOR ANTE ;O But he's in Lse now so.. He's jus goin home n thn I can be with him (: Neat.. Anyways... 1 day at work left *YAAAY* Thn there's byebye hard work n hello money (: Feels great, to have acomplished SUMTHIN this summer but more fat -.-


I say I don't care, but who'm I fooling...
It's tearing me apart....

Well Im off to Ante now !! :D So I'll be off for now. LOVE YOU ALL <33
Fucks to you Marc, you whore ;)

Solitude * Vacancy <3

The World At An End.

I guess this is not good for me. I shouldn't be doing this, but I can't help it! I just wanna know how it feels, what's so.. uniq about it. I wonder how it would taste. This is not good for me at all, but I can't help feeling like I'm trapped! I just wanna do it this one time? Please? But what if I do. Everybody would freak out and I would have to talk to someone and mum would start thinking what she's done wrong and why I can't trust her.

It's not her fault, it's me and my own fault. I can't help I wanna die, I can't help that my life is not how I want it to be. It's not her fault, she's done everything right and she couldn't have done it better. But I could've. I could've turned my back when trouble tapped me on the shoulder. But I didn't. I turned around and shook it's hand and made it a part. And now I can't leave it all behind and move on with my life because I'm stuck. I can't move. I can't breathe. Help me. Or do I wanna be helped. Do I want you to rescue me. Or do I wanna die in solitude.

I shouldn't do this. I have to stop read things like this. But I can't. It's like an addiction. Like an alcoholic. I can't stop. I can't walk away and don't think about it. I can't turn the computer off and just... I can't. I just can't stop thinking about how it feels. How does it feel? I wanna know. You don't really know the real deal until you've tried it, you know.

If I do, would you hate me? Or would you slap me in the face? Or would you start to cry? Or would you be my angel and hug me 'tiI die?

Just this one time. Just this one breathe. Just this one life. Just this one blade...

*Caress my cheek and wipe the tears I cry*
*Hold my hand and watsh me die*

*My sickness' running out and I'm loosing my hope*
When heaven's taking over I know I won't cope*

Believe it or not, I'm jumping to die*
*I promise to bleed, so promise you'll cry*
What if I do it
What if I fall
What if I stumbles
And let go of it all

What if it hurts
What if I cry
What if I cut my wrist
And bleed myself to die

*Trying to do some silly YAY-dance for the sake that the right function works*

Solitude * Vacancy <3

Hot, hot, hot.

Im cookin !! It's boilin hot in our basement ! (Might be cuz Im here Ö: ... haha) That never happens... our basement's ALWAYS like.. freeeeezin... you could like, walk down the stairs n .. your feets could get stuck on the steps cuz it's so cold.. or sumthin ^o) But not 2daz.. GOD I must be hot atm, damn... Ö: HAHA not....

Well okey, was fun beein with you yesterday babes <3 It was fun, I love beein with you. To bad it doesnt happen that often Ö: haha love you forever and ever &it;3 &it;3 &it;3 &it;3 &it;3 &it;3 &it;3 &it;3

2daz.. I've done... well, nothing at all... Well i've been eatin, got fater, prolly... n I've watshed Fantastic 4 the rise of the silver surfer, or what it's called... I'd seen almost the entire film last time but thn the comp, who prolly loves me so much, died.... So I couldnt watsh the end... Well I've seen it now n it was rly gd (: n after that I watshed Van The Man with dad cuz he hadnt seen it... Well I might have seen it, what... 4 times now ? XD Seriously.. it's that gd ^^ I've to see the second film... (: Bout that, might should download it now.. God Im smart ^^


Han kommer hem, jag smyger ut
Han kysser hon som sög min AH
Han sätter sig vid samma bord
Där jag nyss stod och tog hon bakifrån
För är det så det ska va?
Ja svara "Ja de är klart"
För har han ingen tid för henne
Struntar hur hon känner
Då får han skylla sig själv !

                                                         Byz- Jag Smyger Ut <3

I wonder what  I should do now.. I have absolutly nothing to do... I dont wanna think bout school, it's prolly loads of things I should do b4 I start... But Im not a "studdy on my vacation" kinda person... Only thing I could studdy on ma vacation's english ^^ haha Seriously.. I cant mess english up this year AT ALL.. nothing can go wrong.. I wont matter what happens.. Im so gettin the highest grade this year.. end of storie.. haha


What can I do when nothing walks my way
When words just stumples and I have nothing to say

What can I do when your words whispers in my ear
I'm trying to listen bit it's only your voice I hear

Broken footsteps, overflowing with blood
Happy moments, drowning in mud

Sixteen pistols poiting at me
Is it my time to die, finally?

The thoughts of you will never go
The words of saying, I love you so

The evilness in my painfull mind
I've lost my vision 'cause love's made me blind

With no eyes to look and your voice in my head
It's hard to throw away the pillow and get out of bed

When trouble follows you around and you have no turning back
Where should you go so you won't be at lack

Where should I turn, when all I want is you
Where should I go, when my cure doesn't want me too

Quoting Van The Man; Sometimes you just have to go where your heart leads you, even tho it's a place you're not suppose to be.

(( He said that while standing in the ladies dressingroom.. and the following line goes like this, said by the girl whom he was talking to; And how often do your heart leads you to the ladies dressingroom ? ;)
Smart girl, wohahaha (: ))

Solitude * Vacanacy <3

Can't take this.

Okey.. Im so off thinkin of love... Im so off botherin bout anythin that matters n anythin that doesnt.. I dont wanna bother bout anything anymore ... Why does ma life anways take these wierd n hard ways thru life.. Why cant I get a beautiful n easy way... An small road... Jus made for me n ma life.. with no obstacles n no trafic... But Nooo.. send Marlene to the freackin big city n put her in sum major trafic jam... Very ma luck...
Noo... Im jus gon to put my arse on the nxt elevator down to hell...... that'll do <3


It's not my fault I like you
It's not my fault I am me
I have nothing at all to do
With how everything turned out to be

I have nothing to do with your glow
I have nothing to do with your smile
It's just certanly not my fault
That you are just my style

What should I do to make you shine
What should I do to make you see
That even tho you dont wanna be mine
I'll always want you here with me <3

And don't judge me from what I say or do
'Cause it's really not my fault I like you...

                                                      "Fucking" - When loving her just isn't enough.

                                    Trust me on this one, I bet she'll suck SOMETHING outta you.

                                                        Ease my pain.
                                                       Pull the trigger.

Solitude * Vacancy <3


Well okey.. thn it's Saturday.. What shall I do 2daz?.. Be with Sis I think... <3 If she stills wanna spend sum quality time with me ;P Well okey... yesterday.. There's no idea to stay at Mandas whn they're drinking.. seriously.. They jus get mad at eachother n I get it out cuz I've to go with Manda whn she's mad... Now Mange, Tony n Nystedt went away n was gon ride in this car... So aye, she got mad cuz she thinks that he never spends time with her.. omg.. So I'd to put up with her n her 4 ciders... -.- Oh my gosch... Well anyways... we went out bikin n thn we went in again since it was cold outside.. Thn she ju laid on the bed, goin thru Mange's mobile ;S She jus.. I wanna find sumthin Im NOT s'pose to find... WTF ;S So you WANT him to be cheatin on you or what ?! Seriously, how do you two MANAGE?! GOD ! It jus drives me insane... Well.. I went pretty early cuz she wanted to sleep... So... N I went home n sat my arse infront of the comp... Oooh, Marlene.. your life is sooo... I dunno, givin....! NOT ?! I have no life... I think Im off from this town n jus gon move 2 a city where no1 knows me... It would be SOO nice... No gossip, no rumours, nothing... I dont know anything bout any1 else so I dont have to go n puke once in a while whn I walk thru town.... Tho I love Lse.. But I dont think Im s'pose to live here.. I get nothing outta it...


I love you, frightly
There's nothing you don't know
So hold me, tightly
Don't ever let me go <3

Jag Älskar Dig Mer Än Jag Får ... </3

I have nothin to write bout you ;S I dont think of us as I used to... I've jus.. stoped.. I bet I realised there was so idea... No point.. Jus... wasted of thoughts n tears. Waste of unsaid words n pain.. Nothing I wanna handle with right now anwyays... i jus wanna live my life while I can.. b4 school starts -.-
Seriously, I've never cut myself, yet, but I BET I'll start whn school starts... I was THIS close last year.. I jus cant handle stress n much pressure.. I take my life slow n  I do what I want, whn I want it... If it takes an entire year, it takes an entire year... You shouldnt bother !
I soo wanna change... RLY BADLY.... I dont wanna be this anymore... This.. Nothingness. I wanna be sum1.. That ppl notice... I wanna be one of a kind, so that Im uniq.. N not like any1 else.. I wanna be me, I wanna be seen, For what I am, Sum1 who doesnt give a damn... I dont care what you think.. Or how you feel, or what you believe of me... Im what I am.. n you're what ... the magasine tells you to be, CHEAP WHORE! Ppl jus dont have their own thoughts anymore..
            .^.                             .^.                                .^.                         .^.
--^.   .'      '----^.   .--------'      '.        .-------^.   .'      '--------.        .'      '-----------------
       V                   V
                       '.   .'                V                       '.   .'
                                                        V                                              V
PAIN     -     without love
PAIN     -     I can't get enough
PAIN     -     I like it rough
                   'Cause I rather feel pain then nothing at all <3

I love my close hearts <3
                        I love my better parts <3
                                                    'Cause when it doesn't matter <3
                                                                                        You always make me feel better <3

Solitude * Vacancy <3

I Love You <3

Even tho we're miles apart
You'll always be the biggest part

Of my empty heart

And you'll be the one to see
That I want you close to me

May it be

Through laughter and cry
You'll be that certain guy

I dont wonder why

You're the best thing ever
And I want us to be together

Forever and ever <3


Solitude * Vacancy <3

Another day of work.

Okey.. another day of work.. Im so exhausted.. I jus wanna go to sleep now n sleep for an eternity .. ;D N my finger hurts... I've no idea how MANY times I've hurted myself 2daz, god Xp N Im sooo sleepy.. *snore* Well I cant go to sleep.. since I've to eat n thn I've to go to Manda.. Since she called me n she wanted me to come over later on whn she arrives to Lse..  So I bet I must do that.. It was a long time since I met her </3 It's accually great weather outside 2daz.. different from yesterday... Tho I love rain.. :)
Seriously... I've no clue of the days... I thought it was Thursday ;S N thn Marianne said, See you on Monday thn, have a nice weekend.. I was like, huh ?!... N I lookedat te phone n it was Friday Xp It felt great, dont think I'd managed to work 2moz sanyways ;D 2moz.. I SOOOO gonna sleep <3 We'll see how late I'll be out 2night... but hopefully I'll be out long so I get even more tired n can sleep for hours n hours :D

I'm a scene
I'm a dramaqueen
I'm the best damn thing that you're eyes have ever seen

                                                                                     Avril Lavigne - Best Damn Thing <3


We were made for each other
Out here forever I know we were
And all I ever wanted was for you to know
Everything I do I give my heart and soul
I can only breathe I need to feel you here with me

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear to always get me through the day
And make it ok
I miss you 

                                                                                   Avril Lavigne - When you're gone <3


I LOVE Avril Lavignes new album <3 I SOO gotta buy it :) Thn I have all her albums so far <3 She's rly te best <3

Well I have no idea what I should write more now so.. I'll jus end it here thn ;D
I still love you all :D <33 N fucks to Marc, fun to hear that you're coming here :)

Jag Älskar Dig Joakim <3


Where are the hopes, where are the dreams
My Cinderella story scene
When do you think they'll finally see


Solitude * Vacancy <3

Rewritten. Untitled.

I hate my heart
I hate my soul
Turning like this
as I'd no goal

I hate the pain
I hate the burn
It hurts so much
and I've no place to turn

It has all gone black
and recolored no more
Alone on the ground
broken and sore

How come Nothing hurts this much
How come it doesnt bleed
I have no one to talk to
I have no creed

So what should I do
To clear the mist
I should pick up a knife
And cut my wrist..


                                                         Avril Lavigne - Keep Holding On <33

Solitude * Vacancy <3

First day of work.

Okey thn.. my first work day this summer starts in like 30min.. It's bad weather outside n I jus feel in a bad mood whn it's bad weather n grey outside.. Well, I jus have to put my best shine on n smile :P Lets hope I dont have anythin between my teeths.. god how embarrassing.... ;D Well aye, I bet I'll manage it.. :) Im gon try n keep ma mood up 2daz! Bet I'll make it, since Marianne seems like the nicest ladie :D

I dont manage to think of you.. THo it's pretty hard atm since Im on the åone with you ;D But anyways.. Im so off thinkin of you n so on.. I feel like a bitch whn I bother you all te time with these stupid things like, whn you dont answere my txts n whn you dont write to me n whn you dont call n whn you're with certain ppl... Im not your gf n you're not my bf so I dont rly have the permission to care ;D Well.. Im off that now.. It jus brings me down n makes me wanna kill myself, so I bet it doesnt have a very gd impression on me ;D
- Jag Älskar Dig <3

What gives you the permission to judge me ?...


When love holds you down
And pain makes you glad
You're starting to wonder
What really makes you sad

If I fall in love
With one certain guy
He wont love me back
And it'll make me cry

So what I should do
To clear the mist
I should pick up a knife
And cut my wrist..

Solitude * Vacancy <3

If I did...

If I cut my wrist to bleed

What would you do

Would you freak out

Or cut your wrist too...

I'm not talking first.

Babe, now you're jus beein an eejit ! I was jus JOKIN with you ! You mess round with me 24/7, seriously, you cant mean you rly got cranky bout that ! Thn you're rly childish ! I was jus kiddin, you have nothin to get MAD bout ! It rly pisses me off like ! Had a hard time sleepin 2night jus bcs I was so angry with you i couldnt focus on sleepin ... I got so angry with you I took of the bracelet  with your name on n threw it on the sofa.. -.- N so it was the first thing I saw whn I woke up 2daz n so it pissed me of again ! >.<
Sum things can jus drive me mad ! You still got nothin to be mad bout .. You've been able to take jokes b4 ! IM the one who use to get mad ! Jus bcs you never do whn I joke with you -.- So that's no fun... You cant mean you're talkin all that out now, on this silly thing.. I've seriously joked bout more .. I dunno, bad things? OOHH !! Im so off thinkin bout this now, it jus drives me insane !
Can you love some one you totaly hate for the moment ? Well.. In that case, I love you <3

Okey.. new day....  not very givin.. I hate this !! It sucks ! Seriously, I have totaly nothin to do ! I have no friends !! It feels RLLYY bad.. I need to move or sumthin.. change, so that ppl will give me a second change? I dunno.. I jus feel like changin right now.. Everythin jus feels so.. I dunno, wierd? I jus wanna go away n start fresh or sumthin... Own apartment, new school, new neighbourhood, new city, new ppl... new life... Where no1 knows anythin bout me.. A place where I can be me without any1 havin prejudicies bout me from like.. gossip n shit.. It would be great <3

Tiny heart
Stuck inside yourself
When will you open up.....

I jus found out bout a thing.. Marianne called n aye.. I HAVE A JOHOB I HAVE A JOHOB !! XD God Im happy now Xp I'm gon earn sum money ;) It feels nice :) Well aye, hope the happiness lasts :D
Love you all <333 N fucks to Marc, since Im in a gd mood Xp

Solitude * Vacancy <3

Home once again.

Well thn I was home once again :) Hope I'll stay home for a while now :) If I not go to Guthenborg there is.. <3 I've had a blast accually ;D I've been to Umeå n there I were in the city n everywhere n walked round n looked at things.. we'd our troubles at the camping tho.. We'd to move the trailer once cuz they couldnt let us stay there anymore cuz it was full ^o) stupid thing.. but we got another place at the same camping after all.. :) N so whn we'd arrived to the camping, Elvira n Matilda, Karin n Anders came to visit :) GOD I love Elvira, you cant get any cuter !! <3 seriously, LOOK ;

N we spent the first.. 2 days, I think, to walk along to shops n stuff... N at Friday we went to this thing called RixFM festival :) RixFM is a radiostation n they've this festival every year :) It's cool.. But it's CROWDED.. damn ! I dont think I've every stood this near a young.. hot.. goodlooking stranger b4 XD I can sure do it again ^^ haha I saw loads of ppl from here... *puke* I could've lived without that, seriously... N I saw E-typ, Anders Johansson, Danny, Emilia, Ola n 2 guys I cant come up with their names.. Might be cuz they're not that importent ^^ Ola n Danny were most important (A) N we'd sum drunk guys talking to us.. *puke* Jus leave me alone, aye?! Stupid fucks.... Well anyway, it was fun :D N I met a alcoholaffected dad.. whom belonged to an certain CK ;) haha He said hello to my dad like they're like best mates, lols ^^
Well aye, I've bought myself a new camera :D It's so.. PINK ;D imba camera.. it rocks, Im so in love with it :D I'll jus put up sum photos ;

haha aye, oks... now you have sum pics... n yeah, jus for the record.. I've never said I was HEALTHY ^^

I think I'm in love...
Jus HATES you atm, that's all...

Well .. pretty much it for now.. :) I dont manage to write anything more now ^^ Gon try to get to sum1.. wanna do sumthin.. Since there's like NO1 online on msn... :/ I wonder what every1's doin... Aye, love you loads <3 Missed you like crazy <3 Fuck to you Marc *rawr* ;)


Second chances they don't ever matter, people never change
Once a whore you're nothing more, I'm sorry, that'll never change
And about forgiveness, we're both supposed to have exchanged
I'm sorry honey, but I'm passing up, now look this way

Well there's a million other girls who do it just like you
Looking as innocent as possible to get to who
They want and what they like it's easy if you do it right
Well I refuse, I refuse, I refuse

Whoa... I never meant to brag
But I got him where I want him now
Whoa... it was never my intention to brag
To steal it all away from you now
But god does it feel so good
Cause I got him where I want him right now
And if you could then you know you would
Cause god it just feels so...
It just feels so good

                                                                                         Paramore - Misery Business <33

Solitude * Vacancy <3

Off I go, again.

Well okey.. Thn Im off again ! With the trailer :) But this time I'm not gon be away fromthat long :) We're jus gon try n find sum better weather ;D Our firststop is Ume.. N we're prolly be there of the "Citykalaset" :) It'll be great! Hope a couple of my friends'll come over :) Cuz Im not that pleased if I'll have to go with my parents -.- Seriously, it's like suicide.. :D haha
Well aye, hope you dont miss me all to much ;D I'll be bk soon, I hope ^^ Love you LOADS <333 N fucks to Marc *rawr* ^^

                                                                                                                          Paramore <3
                                                                                                              Story of the year <3

Solitude * Vacancy <3

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