Caught up.

This sucks :P I've got caught up in writin blogs ;D That's sick.. thought bout it all day n figured I had to write another one ;D Tho I have no idea of what it'll be bout, but hey, didnt know that last time either :P

Well aye, I've been at Hedlunda now takin a swin n lyin in the sun with Valentina:) It was great, tho it was some littluns runnin round there doin no gd ^o) But hey, like I were doin any gd ;D haha
Anyways, it was greeaat tho it was RLY hard bikin home again after lyin in the sun for hours :P But I managed it ;) Hardly ^^ Thanks for a great day hunny, it was fun seein you, it was all too long ago the last time <3

I dont get it, have I done sumthing ? Or are you hurt ?! :O Or wounded, or DEAD?! Why havnt I heard from you? :'( Im gettin hurt, I sended you an txt, two there is, but I havnt got anything back. . .why? If you dont answere me 2daz, Im sry, but I have to get mad at you. . Since you've called me every day since like, I got bk from Piteå. Seriously hunny, I cant think of you anymore.. plz get bk to me.. . Soon I'll start gettin worried that sumthing's happened to yah or anything ! I love you, get bk to me (L)

What shall I do now ? I have no idea, I have no idea of what to write bout either ;D Im outta ideas. Not allowed to write sumthing depressin either, bcs of Marc :P Marc's an eejit, wohahaha *evil grin*
Well anyways. .  I can complain bout his FECKIN shit thingy !! Why THE FUCK cant I put one line on the freakin right side for?!?! STUPID SHIT THING IT DRIVES ME MAD !! OMG !! -.- I'll soon smash the fuck outta ma keytable.. damnit !  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *breathe*. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Well aye, try not to think bout it.

It's dark
It's cold
I can't see anything
And I have no one to hold

I'm shaking
And I can't see
I can't feel anything
I can't be me

I don't dare to move
I don't dare to talk
I can not breath
I can not walk

I'm stuck in this place
I'm stuck on the ground
Gonna sit alone in my solitude
And make no sound

Gonna marry the loneliness
Make it a part
Love it forever
Until death do us part...

Here you go hunny, an sad poem ! Wohahaah ;D Sry but I only have sad poems, nothing I can do bout it. MY life is sad n that's how it is, deal with it ;) Anyways, I'll jus sit here doin nothing waitin for you to call.. . Plz call, plz. .  Dont like this feelin I have, so plz... For my sake, call me. I love you forever and ever (L)

Over and out. I'll prolly be bk 2moz with further information ;)

Solitude <3


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